Girl Unknown


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Embark on a gripping journey with Chloe Cleopatra Taylor, a young woman whose haunted past casts a long shadow over her present. In a life filled with relentless challenges—balancing her career, navigating her mother’s battle with alcoholism, and seeking her place within the complexity of faith—Chloe’s world takes an enigmatic turn when inexplicable events unfurl around her.

As the boundaries between reality and the ethereal blur, Chloe finds herself entangled in a realm where dreams and truths intertwine. Memories, both baffling and profound, surge to the surface, and forgotten destinations beckon from the depths of her mind. In her pursuit of answers, urgency mounts, driving Chloe to unearth the hidden layers of her father’s history, setting off a chain reaction of revelations that shatter the very foundation of her existence.

The deceiving tranquillity following her father’s death masks a tapestry of lies and secrets that threaten everything Chloe cherishes. With her world thrust into chaos, she bravely confronts her inner demons and confronts the unvarnished truths she’s long avoided, unravelling a sinister connection between her and her mother that defies comprehension.

As the seams of reality fray, Chloe teeters on the precipice of sanity, determined to confront the labyrinthine enigma of her past. Amidst a cascade of revelations, Chloe’s quest for solace intensifies—yet the deeper she digs, the more treacherous the journey becomes. Will Chloe decipher the enigmatic truths buried within her history, paving a path to the closure she so deeply craves? Or will the relentless pursuit of truth dismantle the fragile world she’s painstakingly erected?


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