Beyond Time


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Julius struggles to see the benefits of the unwavering faith of his nearest and dearest. His landlady is on his case, his wife, Cassandra, thinks he could be more generous to those in need, and his best friend desperately wants him to be more in touch with God. The one thing that seems to be going well for Julius is his promising career in advertising. His and Cassandra’s future starts looking up when he presents a successful bid for a large account to his ambitious bosses. Declining a colleague’s invitation to celebrate, Julius fatefully meets with his brother and sister-in-law instead. At lunch, unbeknownst to them, a violent robbery is about to take place across the street that will have unimaginable, life-changing consequences for all of them.

The aftermath sends Julius spiraling headlong into a world of poverty, drug addiction and prostitution. He thinks he has lost everything that ever meant anything to him. His wife, brother, home, and job have all been taken away from him and he doesn’t see any possible way out of the misery and destitution all around. Even though he has every faith in Julius, the pleas of the local priest fall on deaf ears and even Julius’ own mother can’t help him anymore. Consumed by the terrible decisions he has made, the tragic losses that have befallen him and wallowing in his lowest ebb, Julius is visited by a demonic presence that tries to convince him that he has no place on Earth and drags him kicking and screaming into the bowels of hell.

Powerful forces pull Julius in every direction along the way as he encounters some of the most difficult tests he has ever faced. By encountering the seventeen works of the flesh Julius is not only deep in an unforgiving nightmare, but he is also on an incredible journey of self-discovery that could ultimately help decide the fate of the entire human race.


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