The Seer


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The world is more than what we see and hear, more than what we can touch. It’s a kaleidoscope of worlds, brilliant and bright and powerful, extending beyond time. Paul Samson is chosen, sent. He is a middle-aged man with a gift he doesn’t want, visions he wished he’d stop having. He’s dirty, homeless, and lost in more ways than he should be. It’s been a while since things became that way, and he isn’t sure how to—or if he even wants to—make things better. One day, he’s helped to a local shelter, a fellowship that feeds and houses homeless people like him. It’s there he meets John Williams, a pastor determined to help him regardless of anything else.

John Williams is a pastor of Tselem Fellowship. They’ve adapted a method of helping the less privileged that works in a slightly different way than normal. His family life might be in shambles, with a divorce on the horizon and a daughter that won’t say too many words to him at a time. He’s barely managing to keep it from completely shattering apart. Yet, when he has a dream, a vision, of a man in need of help—a man he is supposed to help—John doesn’t question it.

But, the world is more than what John can see, and feel, and hear. It is more than the people he watches walk down the street when he goes for a drive. It is filled with great and powerful things; places and beings that awe and stupefy, overwhelm his senses so it all seems slightly surreal. There’s an impending, silent danger. A danger to being found, a danger to being helped, a danger to that fragile balance that’s being cradled in a family’s life. How well will Paul and John handle something that will put them to test and strain everything they believe and stand for?


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