Christian Skits Collection: Volume 1


The complete skit book is now available for purchase on the reputable online platform, Upon purchase, buyers will receive a perfectly bound hard copy via mail. Please note that the production rights are not included in this purchase, and parties interested in acquiring such rights are advised to contact the Publisher, HCP Book Publishing, at [email protected]. Multiple copies of the script may be ordered for the benefit of the cast members, and it is permissible to make copies of the script only after procuring the necessary production rights.

Additionally, digital versions of the skit book may be made available exclusively to those who have obtained both the book and production rights. Any unauthorized distribution, reproduction, production or exhibition of this work is strictly prohibited and may result in legal consequences.


The skits included in this volume are:

Jenny struggles with being alone and unloved. With a Bible in one hand and a cell phone in the other, she tries to come to grips with her life and destiny and find God in the process. Is He really there?

Length: 5-8 Minutes
Cast: 1 Female
Audience: Children, Teens & Adults
Genre: Contemporary Drama

This sketch tells the redemption story in a condensed form, highlighting the real reason Jesus was born into this earth. It is a fun but serious sketch that requires the use of spotlights, and much creativity to make it come alive, but it is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on the audience as it relates to the real meaning of Christmas.

Length: 15-20 Minutes
Cast: 7 Males | 2 Females | 1 Male of Female | Plus extras
Audience: Teens & Adults
Genre: Biblical Drama

This play compares a single home when the priest (man) of the house is not saved to a time when he is saved. It is a good promotional tool in highlighting the importance of a men’s ministry, small group meeting, weekend conference, or general church attendance.

Length: 12-18 Minutes
Cast: 2 Males | 2 Females | 1 Male or Female
Audience: Teens & Adults
Genre: Contemporary Drama

This may not be your typical ‘Enter’ and ‘Exit’ Play. It’s more of a Reader’s Theatre kind of Skit that requires very little or no movements from the actors on the stage.

Length: 10 Minutes
Cast: 3-8 characters
Audience: Teens & Adults
Genre: Drama

This sketch works really well for either Good Friday or on Easter morning. It focuses on two Roman Soldiers placed to watch over the tomb of Christ. The story picks up from the cross and carries through to the resurrection.

Length: 10 Minutes
Cast: 3 males
Audience: Teens & Adults
Genre: Drama

Six members of the Elite Demonic Alliance meet with their leader, Diablo, in a Secret Chamber with one objective in mind…Man’s Destruction. Diablo is about to reveal a secret to his elite group. A secret that could mark the beginning of the end of man and reality as we know it.

Length: 15 Minutes
Cast: 7 males
Audience: Adults
Genre: Drama

This is a humorous Narrative that seeks to highlight the relationship between the before and after Christ period. It draws snippets from a few of my other plays and incorporates a smooth narrative to make this skit perfect for an outdoor setting.

Length: 15 Minutes
Cast: 6-18 Characters + Narrator
Audience: Adults
Genre: Action-Drama


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