What Makes a Good Christian Play
26 May 2021

What Makes a Good Christian Play

Good stories make great plays, and all around the world, Christian plays are much appreciated for their meaning, lessons, and inspirational effect whenever people watch them. Every once in a while individuals appreciate a touching presentation which can reach to their inner self and affect them positively. We believe how important it is for Christian play scripts to be carefully crafted while maintaining the audience’s attention.

It is a given that a Christian play must have a lesson, should be inspiring, and as much possible, be memorable. However, these aren’t the only qualities that good Christian plays should have. Here are some of the factors which contribute to great Christian play scripts

  • Must capture and retain the attention of the audience – To successfully get the message across, Christian plays must be able to pique the interest of the audience. This can be achieved by making use of interesting characters, a conflict which is strong but can be resolved, and also by injecting some humor. Serious Christian plays are also effective, but having some comic relief once in a while helps break the “heavy” feeling. It also makes the play more memorable because humor won’t just capture the attention of the audience but make them feel good after the play as well.
  • Should make the audience feel part of the experience – To make them feel the lessons and value of the play, there should be lines which everyone can relate to. People appreciate it when they can relate to a character’s experiences, and would feel more hopeful about their personal lives and have a more positive outlook when they can feel great about how the character was able to triumph in the play.
  • Can involve the audience in some acts – Some Christian plays which go the extra mile have scenes where some of the audiences—mostly kids, are involved in certain scenes. This adds to the experience of the audience that they are part of the play.
  • Makes good use of symbolism – Good Christian plays need not always have many characters to make everyone feel part of the play. A single character may symbolize many groups of people when given the right words to say. Even the situations where the characters find themselves in may help in making use of symbolism to make the play feel more “real” or “genuine” by the audience.
  • Imparts not just one lesson – There are many Christian values and a Christian play is a great way to impart several of these valuable nuggets of goodness and wisdom. While having a central plot is a great way to go about presenting a play, being able to share several values shown in various situations makes a Christian play script even better. 

Great plays which are able to touch the hearts, inspire, and motivate people to become better individuals take time, effort, and dedication to be made possible. We are ready to assist you with your needs for enlightening play presentations which will be of great value to anyone who will have the chance to watch it. You can visit us at www.christianplaywright.org for more information. 

Shalom (Peace)

C. Orville McLeish

Christian Playwright's passion for storytelling is rooted in his deep faith and his thirty-year membership in the Pentecostal church of the Caribbean. Since 2002, he has been captivating audiences with his powerful Christian plays and movie scripts, drawing inspiration from real-life testimonies of faith, grace, and love. In 2012, he expanded his creative endeavors into writing and publishing books, further solidifying his status as a gifted and versatile writer. At the Heart of Christian Playwright's work is a profound message of hope and redemption, rooted in the teachings of the kingdom of God. His plays have been produced by numerous groups across the globe, touching the hearts and minds of thousands and leaving an enduring legacy of spiritual inspiration and upliftment. With a unique ability to weave together complex themes and characters, Christian Playwright's work continues to impact lives all over the world. His stories are a testament to the power of faith, love, and the resilience of the human spirit, and his unwavering commitment to spreading the message of the Gospel shines through in every script he writes.

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