12 Jul 2018

Watchmen – A Kingdom Perspective Movie Review Pt. I

There are several mystical nuggets revealed in this movie, so I thought I would write several parts to this review. I am amazed at how much universal truth can be hidden within a well-told story. This has been happening for centuries without us even realizing it. We always thought that the devil was inscribing subliminal messages to brainwash us from the truth, but have we ever given thought to the reality that maybe God has been doing the same thing, even though the mind and talent of those who don’t even believe He exists.

I loved this movie for several reasons, but be warned fellow Christians, the idea of being ‘naked and not ashamed’ is extensively explored in this very long movie.

Dr. Manhattan is a very interesting character. He is shown on the poster as the ‘blue’ human-like, almost naked figure with a neutral expression. If you know anything about the soul of man, this is an image that may come to mind, with minor exceptions. This character was once ‘merely human,’ a scientist to be precise until he encountered an ‘accident’ that changed him. He literally died and was re-created (sound familiar). He didn’t become worse, but better in a sense, and in his words, “I can do anything, but change human nature.” He was like God. Whatever he conceived in his mind, he was able to materialize in this earthly realm. What I found profound was that within the framework of this character, these words ring true, “With faith, all things are possible.” This reality is missing from most Christian’s life, but this character exemplifies this truth.

The question is, if the kingdom of God is within us, and all things are possible, if we just believe, then is this (Dr. Manhattan’s Character) the truth that is hidden within us all? Do we have the potential to be more than we presently are? I don’t think we need a freak accident to come into the realization of who we truly are. I am thinking what we need is a ‘renewed mind.’ We don’t see in the movie the mental transition this character had to go through to transition from being merely human (with all imposed limitations) to one who could do anything but is this journey one that was made available to every person coming into this earth. See if you can wrap your mind around this. Jesus came in the present as a mystical human being who did crazy stuff that our natural minds cannot fully comprehend. He represented what IS, by exemplifying what man WAS when created (before sin) so we can have a reference for what we WILL BECOME. In simple terms, the reality you are now living is rooted in what you believe, and all your limitations are self-imposed. You are more, and there is more to you. You are greater than you think. Jesus, in the flesh, was not an exception. He demonstrated who you really are, and if you can begin to tap into that you will realize that Dr. Manhattan was not just a figment of a man’s imagination, but a replica of what has been concealed within us waiting to be acknowledged and explored. The world already knows this. I think it’s time we catch up.

“If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.” (Mark 9:23) 

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Cleveland McLeish

Cleveland O. McLeish is a full time son of God who writes for the kingdom of God. He makes himself available, along with his beautiful wife, to advance the kingdom of God one book, movie script, stage play and soul at a time.

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