12 Jul 2018

Superman Vs. Batman – A Kingdom Perspective Movie Review

I have always been a fan of Superman, from the comic book era in the 80’s and 90’s. I had watched all the movies from the days when Reeves used to float off the ground and then start flying to now when Superman takes off like a bullet being shot from a gun. We finally get to see him fly at speeds that literally crack the sky.

I especially liked this movie because it is a precursor to the inception of the Justice League, and if you know anything about that group of superheroes, you will understand the ending of this movie.

Superman was sent to earth as a child from another world. He is a god-like being who makes an attempt to live on earth as a normal human being. On many occasions, he is torn between being normal like everybody else, and adhering to the responsibility that accompanies power. He finds it difficult to view human suffering when he knows he has the authority to do something about it. This would be akin to Jesus ignoring all the suffering in the world and just stick to making furniture.

Superman’s earthly mom was right when she told him that he owed the earth nothing. He has no reason to help humanity, yet he dedicates his life and ability to doing so.

You were sent to this earth from another world. When you became a Christian, you stepped into infinite possibilities because of the Limitless One who lives inside you. I am appalled that humanity, especially Christians, have tried to pull God down into our fallenness, instead of us ascending into the reality of who we were before sin. It is abundantly clear that we have been given the power to alleviate suffering and to bring order out of chaos. We place limitations on ourselves based on our fallen nature, and never quite see this world and humanity through the eyes of God.

Superman came to this world and fell in love with the people to the point that he was willing to give his life for the world, and those he loved (sounds familiar). He exemplified purpose, and responsibility congruent to the power that was entrusted to him naturally. He gave everything, though he owed nothing.

There are over seven billion people on planet earth. Each of us carries the record of who God is within our DNA’s. If this world is going to be fixed, we are the ones who will have to do it. We have been deceived to keep looking for ‘another Jesus’ to appear. He has already come, and He has given the Spirit who brought order out of chaos at the beginning of time as we know it. Creation now waits for the emergence of ‘sons of God’ who understands that Jesus did not just come to mystify the world with supernatural occurrences, but to restore humanity to who we were before the fall. This is an invitation to acknowledge the residing power within us to change this world.

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Cleveland McLeish

Cleveland O. McLeish is a full time son of God who writes for the kingdom of God. He makes himself available, along with his beautiful wife, to advance the kingdom of God one book, movie script, stage play and soul at a time.

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