Qualities of a Good Christian Play
26 May 2021

Qualities of a Good Christian Play

A good Christian play, apart from the obvious theme and message, needs to have certain other qualities to entice the audience and arouse interest in them. Play scripts shouldn’t be monotonous or tinged in monochrome. Audience appreciates different shades that remind them of their everyday life and its struggles and dilemmas. There are a few characteristic traits that connect all good Christian plays, written for churches, theatres and school groups.

Soaked in family values

Christian drama scripts usually have family values at their core. Whether it is the relation between husband and wife or parents and children, there are strong family ties at the heart of the play. There are drama scripts that can be used to perform even at community theatres where the audience appreciates sound family values and emotions.

Tailor-made for specific audiences

It is not always possible for play scripts to satisfy everyone. One size doesn’t fit all. Good Christian plays on the contrary are tailor-made towards a target audience and are written to carry the message to its specific audiences. That is why certain drama scripts cater to gender restrictions, age restrictions and restrictions of cast, subjects touched or even length. Christian plays are not necessarily drenched only in family or emotional drama. There is a touch of mystery, drama and comedy as well to keep the audiences engrossed through the 60 – 90 minutes that it usually lasts for.

Everyday choices across true Christian principles

This is the defining aspect of Christian plays. The playwrights have a thorough understanding of Christian principles and try to elucidate it through the challenges faced by the characters and the choices they take. The script is highlighted by the tough situations and problems faced by the characters and how they wade through it without really breaching their Christian principles. If anything, the play scripts focus on how the best of people struggle in life and how they can still come out with flying colors without really sacrificing their principles. A very vital attribute of the script also lies in how dear ones offer strong support and courage to the individuals to help them see through the tough situation.

For specific events

Given that the drama scripts are staged generally during holidays, a lot of scripts also cover Easter and Christmas or use Christian heroes and the story of their faith. A very recurrent theme in Christian plays is history. Apart from historical stories like that of Abigail Adams, there are Biblical plays too, like the story of Esther. These are perfect for dinner theaters organized during Christmas festivals or holidays. Short stories, scripts on shepherds and the three Magi, fantasy stories woven with Christian characters, etc. are also commonly on offer.

Interchangeable roles

Quite a few Christian plays use characters which are interchangeable. In other words, to tailor the play to the audiences, the characters can be either male or female. Some plays also try to dig out insights from classic Christmas stories and elucidate it to the audiences, targeting children and teens.

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Shalom (Peace)

C. Orville McLeish

Christian Playwright's passion for storytelling is rooted in his deep faith and his thirty-year membership in the Pentecostal church of the Caribbean. Since 2002, he has been captivating audiences with his powerful Christian plays and movie scripts, drawing inspiration from real-life testimonies of faith, grace, and love. In 2012, he expanded his creative endeavors into writing and publishing books, further solidifying his status as a gifted and versatile writer. At the Heart of Christian Playwright's work is a profound message of hope and redemption, rooted in the teachings of the kingdom of God. His plays have been produced by numerous groups across the globe, touching the hearts and minds of thousands and leaving an enduring legacy of spiritual inspiration and upliftment. With a unique ability to weave together complex themes and characters, Christian Playwright's work continues to impact lives all over the world. His stories are a testament to the power of faith, love, and the resilience of the human spirit, and his unwavering commitment to spreading the message of the Gospel shines through in every script he writes.

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