12 Jul 2018

Prophetic Philanthropy

A prophetic philanthropist is someone God can identify on earth with whom He can partner with to change the very structure of our existence. We have entered a time when technological advancement is at its peak. Scientist are doing research on a global scale, and most of their findings have not yet made it to the public sphere. The world is moving forwards, and humanity is engaging creation at all levels.

We may be accustomed to the prophetic having to do with mantles, anointing and foretelling the future. More specifically, receiving a word having to do with our purpose, destiny and healing and deliverance. It may be nice to stand among a congregation and be singled out by one who functions under the prophetic anointing, and be told things only God would know, but have we ever examined the prophetic from the place of God seeking willing hearts and individuals to fund what exists in heaven, but is not yet on the earth?

Everything that exists in the present, was once in the future. Most of the amenities we enjoy today is because of the prophetic philanthropic anointing. It is more than seeing what God wants to do on the earth but finding the means and resources to make it happen. There is a need today for prophetic philanthropies more than there has ever been in the history of humanity.

Philanthropy is not a new word in our context. Many Christian mystics of the past have delved deeply into this subject that has been widely misunderstood by those who had become believers. There is a prophetic side to this term, in that what we do today can have a profound impact on our future. There are seven principles of prophetic philanthropy worth our consideration:

Principle # 1 – Ask – For Divine, Technological and Business Ideas.

Principle # 2 – Seek – the heart of God as it relates to what He wants to do on the earth.

Principle # 3 – Knock – Make use of every opportunity that presents itself.

Principle # 4 – Meditate – Keep your heart and mind open to receive downloads from heaven.

Principle # 5 – Partner – Seek other ministries that are propagating the gospel in non-conventional ways, and invest.

Principle # 6 – Sow seeds where there are genuine needs.

Principle # 7 – Give, expecting to reap a harvest

Prophetic Philanthropy then can be defined as sowing or participating with God as it relates to the future. The truth is, only philanthropist have the means to know what is in the future and manifest it here today. It is seeing reality from a higher vantage point where the past, present, and future all collide in this one distinct moment we like to call now. We can live out of our future Now if we grasp the key principles as it relates to prophetic philanthropy.

Prophetic Philanthropy is seeking to establish a foundation of giving for one’s family, and the generations to come. It is understanding that God has outlined some principles, that when applied can prosper and bless those who are immediate participants, and especially the generation that has not yet been born into this world.

Prophetic philanthropist have the innate ability to re-establish new foundations and build a better future. There are very little limitations to what they can accomplish as they are able to live out of their future supply in the now, and also change people’s lives. They have been doing it for centuries. The very idea of philanthropy is prophetic by nature because they can take someone who has no future and give them a future. They can fund technologies and scientific breakthroughs that may seem well into the future, and make it a reality now. Philanthropist are practically the only people who can fund the future, and make it a reality for those living on the earth today. This is how science has evolved, and continue to expand.

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Cleveland McLeish

Cleveland O. McLeish is a full time son of God who writes for the kingdom of God. He makes himself available, along with his beautiful wife, to advance the kingdom of God one book, movie script, stage play and soul at a time.

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