The Waiting Room

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This play won a Bronze medal in the 2011 JCDC National Literary Arts Competition. Included with this purchase is the Movie Version of the Script.

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This play won a Bronze medal in the 2011 JCDC National Literary Arts Competition. Included with this purchase is the Movie Version of the Script.

Five strangers who had shared one specific location for only a moment in their earthly lives wake up in a Waiting Room with no idea as to how they got there and where they are. Like a puzzle, the pieces begin to come together when characters begin to see and interact with people from their past who had died. The shock is even more compounded when a Messenger comes on with a bible and tells them they are waiting to meet with Jesus.


JANE – is a Muslim that performed a suicide bombing that brought them all together in this room. She is an example of how one can believe strong enough to sacrifice their lives for something that is totally false and untrue.
MARIA – is a backslider who allowed herself to be in that condition through the loss of a loved one. This character shows the importance of repentance and restoring your fellowship with Jesus. Also shows the selfishness that family can show with death and what it can lead to.
KEVIN – is a Rastafarian who believed in something that was a true distortion of the truth. This character shows that even though Jesus is mentioned in the belief, it does not make it the way that the word of God instructs and teaches.
MICHAEL – is a sinner that had a very hard heart. This character demonstrates how a person can be totally convinced that life on earth is the beginning and the end. In addition it shows how Jesus is always sending laborers across our path to introduce us to the truth. It displays how clearly the choice of redemption is to each one’s personal decision.
FAITH – is one who accepted God as her Lord and personal savior before it was too late. This character shows that no matter how we live our life, the ultimate goal is to accept Jesus and live with an expectancy to see him face to face and hear well done.
JESUS – This character displays the truth in the person of God’s infallible, uncompromising word.

This takes place in a room (holding location) where one literally waits in the balance of eternal life and death. Hell is on one side and heaven in on the other. The period of time is following the return of Jesus and all of the dead in Christ has risen. These in the room died over 1000 years earlier. It is judgment time and every knee is bowed and every tongue is confessing.

The theme of the story is that Jesus is the one and only way to heaven and that we must accept him by faith through His grace towards us. Also to know that there are many false doctrines that we cannot give heed to. One theme is that just because you have accepted Jesus as some point in your life, which does not secure your place in heaven. There is more to salvation and repentance than having fire insurance.

Length: 45-60 Minutes
Cast: 6 males, 4 females, Plus 5 Additional.
Audience: Teens & Adults
Genre: Contemporary Drama

3 reviews for The Waiting Room

  1. Sophia Scott

    Waiting room play we did it about 2/3 years ago when it jist came out. We added a Christmas piece to it and did it as a Christmas play and to this day we are having request to do it again. Can’t wait to do part ll. We actually had 2 souls came to Christ after seeing the play.
    God bless you please continue to keep up the awesome work. Pray God will continue to give you more dreams and vision to continue to write so we can continue to spread the word through art.

  2. C. Molette

    This is coming from True Light Missionary Baptist Church, Hattiesburg, MS, drama ministry. We ministry several of your plays and all of them was a great success. We done both Waiting Room plays. I love ministering your plays to our community here in Hattiedburg it helps people to live and give their life to Christ, which is,why we ministered these plays. Keep writing the truth about God and I believe more and more people lives will be transformed to live for Christ.

  3. Alicia Nolan


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