The Trial Of Mary – Mother Of Jesus


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It is the year 5 BC, and a young virgin discovers that she will be bearing God’s Son – a conception that will take place without her having to – you know. Though prophesied, though expected – life changes for everyone involved as Mary is brought before a Judge to answer to changes of Adultery and if found guilty she would be sentenced to death.

Enter Obnoxious Prosecutor. For him, this is the most ridiculous case he has ever been assigned to, and he makes sure everybody knows it. As a matter of fact, he calls only one witness. Enter Defense. He believes in God and miracles and argues along that line. What transpires is a series of events that will strengthen the faith of those who already believed – and change those who doubted or didn’t have a clue as to what is going on.

This is a very simple, funny and witty play that was written in such a way that Kids can perform it (many lines to memorize); Teens can produce it, and Adults can have fun presenting it.

Length: 45 Minutes
Cast: 5 Males, 2 Females, Plus Extras.
Audience: Children, Teens & Adults
Genre: Courtroom Drama

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