The Trial II


The complete script is now available for purchase on the reputable online platform, Upon purchase, buyers will receive a perfectly bound hard copy via mail. Please note that the production rights are not included in this purchase, and parties interested in acquiring such rights are advised to contact the Publisher, HCP Book Publishing, at [email protected]. Multiple copies of the script may be ordered for the benefit of the cast members, and it is permissible to make copies of the script only after procuring the necessary production rights.

Additionally, digital versions (PDF) of the script may be made available exclusively to those who have obtained both the book and production rights. Any unauthorized distribution, reproduction, production or exhibition of this work is strictly prohibited and may result in legal consequences.



“…a good story about acceptance.  I think quite often, we forget how much we don’t deserve the salvation that God provided for us… and we quickly look at the sin and the past of others. Judge not your brothers! That was coming to my mind as I was reading this script. This will be a fun sketch to perform, with the high and mighty self-righteous people and the humble and hurt young Christian woman who was being held on trial for her past that God had forgiven, and that her fiancée had accepted. A good message.”

The concept behind this story is based on a real testimony of a young woman who came under heavy resistance from a greater part of her church because some believed she was not good enough to marry a pastor’s son because of her ‘questionable’ past.

At times we are quick to judge others, easily forgetting that we ourselves weren’t born saved, but Jesus taught us to look beyond that, to leave the judging up to Him because He sees beyond appearances. He taught us to love, to help and to forgive.

The core message of this play is forgiveness and acceptance and for your audience, and cast to learn these key lessons, they may have to laugh a little, cry a little, maybe even sing a little, but in the end everyone will know the answer to the question, “Can Jesus blood truly cleanse a man from sin?”

Length: 40 Minutes
Cast: 4 Males. 4 Females.
Audience: Teens & Adults
Genre: Contemporary Drama


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