The Room

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Have you ever wondered what it will be like to stand before God on judgment day?

Do you ever wonder what emotions you’ll experience, what thoughts you will have, or how much of your earthly life you will actually remember.

For Christians, I imagine this to be a beautiful experience, but what about non-Christians or those who have become Luke-warm and live a selfish life that contradicts the teachings of our Lord Jesus.

This play begins with Joe waking up in an empty room with a Bible on a small table to his right and a filing cabinet with a record of all his unforgiven sins to his left, but he has no idea how he got there. Then, God speaks. Joe’s life becomes a puzzle that has been scrambled and needs to be completed. Yet, Joe starts out feeling confident that he has done enough good in his life to merit eternal life, until God starts to question his reasons, his priorities, his deeds. Suddenly the light appears dim at the end of Joe’s tunnel, and he starts to beg for mercy. In the end, Joe learns, as we all will one day, that before we enter the room, we have already made our eternal choice.

Length: 45 Minutes
Cast: 5 Males. 3 Females. Plus extras
Audience: Teens & Adults
Genre: Contemporary Drama

1 review for The Room

  1. Gizel J Rixner

    I am sending this review in the play The Room. This is an awesome play, we dis it in 2014 at our church and it was powerful. People are still talking about this play. When we did the play, God had me to dress up and place a young man I front of the church dressed like a homeless man with a sign.

    You wouldn’t believe how many people walked over him because they was trying to get to CHURCH. This play spoke volumes and didn’t leave anyone out. It caused us all to take a self evaluation of our lives. If you want a play that will challenge and caused repentance, thus is the play.

    We have used several of your plays, The Last Christmas is ine of my all time favorites, just this past Sunday, we did the skit Behold He Comes, that was again a good script. It showed us how much God loves us by giving us Grace now.

    God Bless you and continue writing.

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