The Last Christmas


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Christmas is just a few weeks away and teenagers, Paul and June, have submitted their Christmas list to their parents, Charlie and Karmen, but what they are asking for this year is very expensive. The parents are concerned that the children have lost the true meaning of Christmas and decide to teach them a lesson.

Charlie’s sister and family are visiting for Christmas, but her husband is missing. She assumes he may have abandoned his family, and her son is having a hard time dealing with that reality. He blames her for his father’s absence.

As Christmas Day approaches, and while the parents concoct a plan to teach their children that there are more important things than just getting gifts, the unexpected is about to happen and this could very well be the Last normal Christmas Day that they will experience in this life.

Length: 40-60 Minutes
Cast: 3 Males | 2 Females | 1 Male or Female | 2 Teenage Boys | 1 Teenage Girl
Audience: Teens & Adults
Genre: Contemporary Drama



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