The Flight Before Easter

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Additionally, digital versions of the script may be made available exclusively to those who have obtained both the book and production rights. Any unauthorized distribution, reproduction, production or exhibition of this work is strictly prohibited and may result in legal consequences.


The Flight before Easter takes place in an airport terminal. It’s the day before Easter and an extreme weather event has hit. The event has forced a closure of the airport and has trapped a diverse group of people in the terminal.

As the evening progresses, everyone has their own cross to bear and by the end of the play, each person is brought to the realization of the real meaning of Easter. Characters include an elderly couple facing a health crisis, a homeless man who is sheltering there for the night, a hardnosed security officer, a runaway child, a rich woman, a family with financial issues, and a single mother.

Length: 70-90 Minutes
Cast: 5 males, 6 females, plus extras.
Audience: Teens & Adults
Genre: Contemporary Drama

1 review for The Flight Before Easter

  1. Carolyn Green

    I am a great supporter of Heart of a Christian plays. I have directed The Perfect Blood, The flight before Easter and The Christmas Family reunion. We will be performing Christmas family reunion II this year. We have had great success and everyone talked about it for months later. The script covers a wide range of emotions. Laughter, compassion and most of all the Love and forgiveness of our Lord and Savior Jesus. YOU WANT GO WRONG with buying the products.

    Carolyn G

    North Carolina

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