The Coming

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‘For the virgin shall be with child and shall bring forth a Son; and His name shall be called Jesus.’

Detectives Thomas and Bartimeus are on the biggest case of their career. They will face more than the simple conflict that exists between differing characters. They will face a truth long prophesied, faith unparalleled, and a child unlike anyone they have ever laid eyes on.

The Mission

They work for the Herod’s Bureau of Investigations (HBI), and they have been hired by Herod himself to find the Christ-child. These are two very strange characters. One is ever doubtful and the other is blind, but as detectives, they always get the job done. They travel from the East to the inn, then on to the Temple, where they will eventually meet Joseph and Mary and their child. I must warn you, they will make you laugh all the way, as Blind Bartimaeus has a way of moving around as if he can see.


This play also shows the significance of Jesus’ coming by demonstrating a before-and-after scene with an adulterer that will begin and end this play.


We know the story very well. We’ve heard it over and over again and in many different forms and styles; we’ve read it for ourselves, yet we cannot deny that the story never really grows old. Instead, writers have sought ways to tell the same story in new, sometimes even more exciting ways. The Coming is the same old story we all know, being told from a different viewpoint – that of two detectives, the innkeeper, and his wife.

Length: 40 Minutes
Cast: 8 males. 12 females. Plus extras
Audience: Teens & Adult
Genre: Contemporary Drama


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