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Thomas & Bartimeus are Back!

Our two retired detectives are given an assignment to find the missing body of Jesus. Herod wants to unearth enough evidence to declare that someone stole the body of Jesus, in order to prove that the message He (Jesus) taught was not true.

Thomas and Bartimeus travel the country side gathering information on what really happened at the tomb, but what they find is not what they were looking for. Along the way, Bartimeus faith in God is strengthened and this annoys Thomas, who really has no intention of being entwined in the religious teachings of the man who claimed to be God’s Son.

Their journey ultimately leads them down a path neither of them was prepared to face, and once again their lives will be changed when they uncover the truth behind the Resurrection.

Length: 60 Minutes

Cast: 4 males, 2 females. Plus extras.

Audience: Teens & Adults

Genre: Biblical Mystery Drama



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