More Than A Conqueror

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“Faith Has Nothing to do With How We Feel…”

Anyone who has ever been diagnosed with depression and has survived understands this statement. The truth is, we learn to operate—to function effectively—even when our ‘vibes’ are dead. It is only then do we realize that faith works totally independent of our feelings, thus the statement that has been my personal motto over the years—“It’s not a vibes thing. You just gotta know what you gotta do and do it!”

You don’t need vibes to pray, fast, seek God’s face, go to church, sing on the choir, get saved, witness to someone else, study God’s Word, visit the sick and those in prison, or helping the unfortunate. God’s Word did not tell us to ‘Feel’ and then ‘Do’ and this is what this play is all about.

The play introduces a family of a church that was built in the middle of a garrison community run by criminals. Mommy Dor is pastor of this church and also the adopted mother of Felicia and Jeremy. Out of fear for their lives and the lives and wellbeing of the members of this church, Mommy Dor takes the decision to close the doors of the church and keep service in the comfort and safety of her own home. Yet, in the comfortable and secure setting, the membership has dropped, and the fear of God is slowly diminishing. On top of that, Mommy Dor will face some real tough decisions as well as having to deal with the ‘issues’ of her two children, but God has not abandoned this family.

In an astonishing turn of events, God sends help in the form of a character who has lived thousands of years ago. His name is Elisha. Elisha has been given the mandate to take this family and church back to the God of his time, by reminding them of who God really is, but first, he will have to adjust to a setting he’s not familiar with.

A truly inspirational play for churches who suffer from lack of ‘VIBES.’

Length: 60 Minutes

Cast: 2 Males. 2 Females. Plus extras.
Audience: Teens & Adults
Genre: Contemporary Drama


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