Just Believe


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After 32 years of loyally serving the Lord, the Honourable Dr. Rev Elder Bishop James Bishop, unexpectedly went home to be with the Father. At an emergency church meeting, the reading of his Will was done. All of the lay members and the church administration board all thought Deacon George F. Tilton would be named as the new Pastor.

But to everyone’s surprise, Honourable Dr. Rev Elder Bishop James Bishop named his daughter as the new Pastor of St. Harvey Home Missionary Holy Baptist Full Gospel Methodist Pentecostal Inner/Outer Partially Non-Denominationally Christ Holy Sanctified Apostolic Temple of the Most High Church of God in Christ on 77th and Whatchamacallit. Dr. Deacon Tilton is having a hard time accepting the Bishop’s wishes, even accusing Chrisette of tampering with her father’s will.

Chrisette is now faced with honouring her fathers wishes and accepting her calling or to keep running from her calling and stay at her six-figure corporate job. Her husband, Marcus, has a hard time accepting a woman pastor and being the husband of the pastor. Now Deacon Tilton is plotting and scheming with elders and members who want to see him or at least a man as the Shepherd of the house.

Chrisette, not knowing what is going on around her, is also dealing with her measure of faith and her ability to be a spiritual leader of a 300+ congregation, and filling her father’s shoes. She doesn’t feel like she’s worthy to answer God’s call. She feels that she has been living in a way that makes her undeserving. She reflects over her life of sin and shortcomings. She shies away from the leadership position out of fear of setting herself above her family. She probes motives and qualifications for church leadership. She doesn’t feel alright about herself. She can’t seem to approach God as a failure. Ironically, that’s the only way we can approach Him.

She’s been Called and Chosen for her position! But will she be Charged and Confirmed? Only GOD knows! Sit back, relax, and get your praise on! Let’s find out if Chrisette draws from what GOD has already placed in her. Let’s see if she will JUST BELIEVE.

Length: 60-90 Minutes
Cast: 4 males, 4 females.
Audience: Teens & Adults
Genre: Contemporary Drama


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