Jesus, The Anointed One (Yeshua Ha Mashiach)


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This play is a remarkably profound examination of the specific scriptures that Jesus fulfilled during His life and ministry, based on Matthew’s account. It is not written sequentially and does not follow a particular path, but highlights both the Written and the Living Word becoming One. The scriptures used are from the Complete Jewish Bible, using the original Hebrew Language for names and places.

It is written in three ACTS. The first Act is set in biblical times with Jesus at the center. His entire life in fragments passes before Him, and on many occasions, interacts with Him as He travels the path that was chosen for Him to walk.

The second Act is a more contemporary setting, examining from one man’s perspective the true nature of the incarnation God becoming flesh, God living in us by His Holy Spirit.

The third Act is the shortest of the three, that gives a profound challenge to all who will see this play, with a specific call not to be hearers of the Word only, but also doers. This play is emotionally driven but carries within it a fundamental message for all people today.

3 Men | 1 Male/Female/Poet | Supporting Extras (Most With Speaking Lines) | Running Time 60 Minutes | Biblical & Contemporary Drama



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