I Never Lost My Praise


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John is an orphan now living in a boys home. He is the new kid on the block and he is different from the other boys, so he encounters hostility and resistance as his desire to go to church is consistently denied and his faith frowned upon. Despite the negative environment John has found himself in, he remains positive and continues to sing his praises to God.

John believes that God will one day rescue him, and his perpetual choice to worship under all circumstances and in spite of the opposing forces threatening to silence him may just make a way of escape for him. In the process, the unbelievers in his area of influence may just learn a valuable lesson they will not soon forget.

Length: 40-60 Minutes
Cast: 2 Males | 1 Female | 4 Boys | 1 Girl
Audience: Children, Teens & Adults
Genre: Contemporary Drama



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