Hiding Christmas

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Harold is a Principal by profession, and his wife is an Infant School teacher, so there is nothing strange about them being home for the Christmas Holidays. A normal family would consider this a blessing, but not this family. For them, Christmas is the most uncomfortable and painful holiday they have to endure.

Six years ago, their young son was killed in a car accident on Christmas Day, and Harold was driving. You can imagine how difficult it might be for a family to celebrate the birth of God’s Son on the same day they lost their only son under tragic circumstances, but the head of this family has a very important lesson to learn about love, and it will take a visit from three Angels representing the Past, Present, and Future.

Harold believes that he can hide from Christmas by locking himself away in a specially designed room in his house for days, but can he really hide? Can any of us?

Length: 60-90 Minutes
Cast: 5 Males, 6 Females, 3 Angels (Male or Female)
Audience: Teens & Adults
Genre: Contemporary Drama


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