Daniel & The Three Mexican Boys


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Daniel and three of his friends from Mexico are transferred from their home country to a new community and school in the United States of America. They are greeted with a culture unfamiliar to them with rules that conflict with their own religious persuasion. They must decide if they will stand for God and suffer the consequences or deny their faith and become like everybody else.

Daniel and the Three Mexican Boys extract principles from the Biblical story of Daniel and the Three Hebrew Boys and brings it into a modern-day context. This contemporary dramatic stage play teaches some fundamental principles of the faith, for example, it is okay to be different; we don’t have to succumb to peer pressure; if we are not ashamed of God, He will not be ashamed of us and living a righteous and godly life comes with its rewards and incentives.

This play will teach our children to not be ashamed of being a light in their environment, especially during times when parents are absent.

Length: 40 Minutes
Cast: 6 Males, 3 Females. (Some of the Male roles can be Female, e.g. Principal)
Audience: Children, Teens & Adults
Genre: Contemporary Drama

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