Culture Shock


The sad, dramatic story that fueled the civil rights movement.


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‘The murder of young Chicagoan Emmett ‘Bobo’ Till was a crucial event in 20th century American History.

This is the first Custom Made script that I’ve written for someone outside of my country and, the experience was quite enlightening.

The Event…

In the Summer of 1955, Till visited relatives in Money, Mississippi. Till was young and brash, and did not know how he was supposed to act toward Southern white women. Not long after whistling at one in a store, Till was kidnapped, beaten, shot and mangled. A few days later, his remains were found in a river.’

The Experience….

Before I was contacted I knew nothing of Emmett Till. As I progressed through the research material, the name suddenly had meaning and I realize that Emmett ‘Bobo’ Till’s death had made a significant impact on the Black Community. Yet, there are so many people who don’t know.

The Purpose…

This play exist now for two reasons: 1. If you want to educate your congregation on certain turning points in the history of the black community during Black History month or any other time of the year for that matter…this is a great ‘True Story’ play to produce. And 2. If you just want to educate yourself on who Emmett Till is in a dramatic way, then you too can order a copy of this script also.

Length: 50 Minutes
Cast: 8 Males, 5 Females. Plus extras.
Audience: Adults
Genre: Historical Drama



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