Calebs Apartment


The complete script is now available for purchase on the reputable online platform, Upon purchase, buyers will receive a perfectly bound hard copy via mail. Please note that the production rights are not included in this purchase, and parties interested in acquiring such rights are advised to contact the Publisher, HCP Book Publishing, at [email protected]. Multiple copies of the script may be ordered for the benefit of the cast members, and it is permissible to make copies of the script only after procuring the necessary production rights.

Additionally, digital versions (PDF) of the script may be made available exclusively to those who have obtained both the book and production rights. Any unauthorized distribution, reproduction, production or exhibition of this work is strictly prohibited and may result in legal consequences.


Caleb is a 32-year-old minister and amour-bearer at church, who also works as a financial adviser in the secular world. He lives in a middle-class apartment in a neighborhood where no one has to lock their doors and he is divorced from his wife of ten years.

Joshua is a 35-year-old ‘playa’ who has walked the path of faith but strayed because of his inability at a monogamous relationship. He is Caleb’s neighbor, also divorced, but lives a life of polygamy, so to speak.

Caleb is trying hard to get over his divorce from his wife. It has been two years and the incidents leading up to their separation is still fresh in his mind. His bishop plays the part of a personal psychiatrist helping him to overcome his loss, as he himself overcame a bitter and challenging divorce.

Joshua is having the time of his life and wants Caleb to join him in his exploits, but Caleb refuses, trying hard to remain grounded in God’s Word and wait for his change to come, but it gets difficult with each passing day and, to make it worse, Joshua is always over at Caleb’s apartment so most of Joshua’s women think that’s where Joshua lives and this opens Caleb’s apartment to some really awkward and sometimes funny moments during the play. But, things take an unexpected and somewhat dreadful turn when the woman carrying Joshua’s baby is diagnosed with the HIV virus.

Though the roads Caleb and Joshua traveled is different, they both led to the same place…Redemption through Jesus’ Christ. Caleb learns to forgive, and Joshua rededicates his life to the Lord and finally settles down.

God’s love and His willingness to forgive and restore is highlighted in this truly dramatic play, and hard lessons are taught that even those who will see this play will be forced to sit up and pay attention.

Length: 60 Minutes
Cast: 4 males, 4 females. Plus extras
Audience: Teens and Adults
Genre: Contemporary Drama


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