16 May 2016

The Reason for the Season

Clarabelle is a single rich mom who has a good job, an elaborate house and drives a sporty car. Her three children blame her for their father not being around and to say they are rude may not fully sum up their attitude, but Grandma Jama is there to keep the peace most of the time, and unlike the others, she is a Christian.

Susan is a poor single mother, but her children have learned that one can be satisfied and content with what they have however little. They are grateful for what their mother does and hates the fact that Clarabelle, her sister, is always taking advantage of her and makes them feel inadequate and worthless.

It’s Christmas Day. The poor family goes to church, then visits the Rich Family as Susan wanted to visit with her mother, Jama, who is the only thing both these family have in common. When something happens to the younger of the family, things take an unexpected turn.