11 Jul 2017

The Love Dare

The play begins with God paying a personal visit to His prophet Hosea, who has begun to preach without compassion and love for sinners. It’s not a very comfortable confrontation, but it ends with Hosea feeling a bit hopeful because God has decided to provide for him a wife.

Hosea’s enthusiasm soon dissipates when he discovers that his wife to be is a prostitute. He is devastated and struggles with the choice to obey God. Joshua, his father, has always supported his decisions and admires his commitment to God, but is extremely skeptical of this new command.

How could God expect a Prophet to marry a prostitute? What would people think and what would be the ramification of such a union?

Out of sheer obedience, or maybe rising curiosity, Hosea chooses to follow through and the events that transpire will take all involved on a journey of self-discovery, forgiveness, and unconditional love.

The lessons to be learned are supernatural and universal as we get a glimpse and hopefully a clearer understanding of God’s love for sinners.