16 May 2016

Light Has Come

Many years ago, prior to Jesus being born into this world, there was a culture of ungodliness that permeated society. While there were few godly people around, still holding on to the promise of a coming Messiah, most were just living out their lives in tradition, rituals and self-approved righteousness. They lived in darkness but could not perceive that truth.

We wish to compare then to now and see that our times are no more different than it was then. As some await the second coming of our Savior into this world, others have given up hope and men live as if there is nothing to look forward to beyond this life. The world is once again seeing dark days as once again traditions and rituals, independent of true righteousness, is readily embraced, and each man lives according to their own thoughts.

But one day, this world will once again witness the entrance of Jesus into this world. Light has indeed come.