11 Jul 2017

It Is Finished

The main character of this play is called Messenger. Easter for him was once a commercial holiday: time off from work, teaching kids about the Easter Bunny and Eggs. It was a time of celebration. In the Caribbean, Easter is a time of Carnival and eating fish, bun, and cheese, but the life of this Messenger is dramatically changed one night when he has a dream.

He saw Jesus on his last day on earth performing a humble task; he saw Judas contemplating the biggest decision he made in his life; he heard and experienced the emotions of the last seven sayings proclaimed by Jesus while He was hanging on the cross; he saw Jesus walk into hell and take the keys of death and hell from the enemy and finally, he witnessed the Resurrection that sealed our salvation for all eternity.

This play is short but delivers a relevant, sometimes forgotten, powerful message of what Easter is all about.