09 Dec 2016

Babylon and the Bride

Shawn and Monica have been happy in their marriage for over 15 years. They have a teenage daughter, friends, a nice house and good jobs. Everything is seemingly fine, just routine family issues. Christmas is coming, and they are planning to celebrate it in the right way, fully appreciating its true meaning, because they are Christians.

Suddenly the unexpected happens – Shawn’s ex-girlfriend Stephanie comes to see him. She tells him that she is losing her house and has no place to stay. Of course, it is right to help her. Moreover, it is the Christians’ duty to his neighbor. Shawn decides to let Stephanie stay with his family until she finds somewhere to live.

From this point on the family stability is going to be brought to the test as Stephanie is Babylon. This young woman invades the couple’s private life. She is going to explore if Shawn has a happy marriage life and try to steal him from Monica. In turn, Monica must find out if there is true Christian love, and if she can help Stephanie and trust Shawn inside her heart.