12 Jul 2018

Lucy – A Kingdom Perspective Movie Review

Scientist believes, with adequate proof to back their claims, that human beings only use 10% of their brain. The question then is, what if we were using 100%? The question was asked in this movie, and of course, the response was, “I don’t know.” The premise of this movie, however, would have to answer this question for their audience. Even I was curious to see where the writer of this movie would take such a thought. There is one other statement that was made that I think should be quoted here, “Are humans more concerned with having, than being.”

Our quest continues to find out who we are as human beings. I find that the foundation of thought for our existence and potential lies in two main areas of thinking; evolution or creation. Our mindset is determined by which one of these two forms our foundation of thought.

The systems of this world are designed to remove God from the equation, making it even more difficult to define our reality with a Sovereign Intelligence behind it all. It really does make for interesting movies, but what I have found is that even when you strip the existence of our “Creator” away, what still remains is a somewhat lesser version of the truth. This, of course, will be seen as my own personal opinion, and I am okay with that. But the quality of our existence is seemingly tied to what we believe.

Evolution fosters a mentality that sees humanity as less than divine, yet a species with a capacity to evolve beyond anything anyone could ever imagine. That answered my own question. If it is true that humans evolved from monkeys, then why did we stop evolving? In a sense, we never did. If all theories stripped of God contains some truth, then what truth does evolution point to? I believe it points to human potential, achievable both for those who believe in Jesus, and those who don’t. Afterall, in the beginning, God made man (inclusive of all – not exclusive).

It is easy to fathom the limitations humanity has lived under for so long from the perspective of evolution. We evolved from a lesser specie, so while we are not great, we are still greater than where we are coming from. If we argue reality from a creation point of view, with God the Creator, then we can easily identify our limitations as self imposed because we are really afraid to free our minds to gain an understanding of what it really meant to be made in the image and likeness of the God of the Universe. Men were made like God, or god-like (if you are not afraid of that term), which simply means, if compared to our present realities, there is potential in us that has not been tapped into or realized yet (except in movies). It didn’t help that for so long we have struggled to comprehend Jesus (God made flesh) as just a man, when He walked this earth. He walked this earth as a man and everything He did, He did as a man — simply put, whatever He did, we can do it too. Except, according to the Apostle John, most of what Jesus did was never recorded or “…if it were written down in detail, I do not suppose the world itself would hold all the books that would be written down.”

It is interesting to see Christians attempting to imitate Christ, when they have no idea what He has done, while simultaneously declaring that the written Word is enough. If the Bible says Jesus is the Word made flesh, and the book cannot contain Him, then why should we impose such limitations on Him. What then are we trying to imitate exactly? There are so few who choose to sit at His feet and learn from Him. Most Christians would prefer to keep themselves busy, preparing meals, and getting the house ready for a Guest who is already sitting in the house.

You are greater than you think. The version of you that scares you when you think about it is probably closer to your truer self.

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Cleveland McLeish

Cleveland O. McLeish is a full time son of God who writes for the kingdom of God. He makes himself available, along with his beautiful wife, to advance the kingdom of God one book, movie script, stage play and soul at a time.

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