Christian | Christmas | Easter Play Scripts

the word became fleshWe believe that every good Christian Drama Script is unique and takes time. It takes time to build a good story, outline characters, organize plot points, maintain conflict, build an unforgettable climax and solve/resolve to an audience's satisfaction. It is our job to create these compelling scripts. It's what we do, and have been doing for over a decade. People come to us because we are easy going, easy to communicate with, have the ability to absorb honest criticisms and we commit time and prayer into every script. Our pen has seldom written anything without first being inspired to write.

Welcome to the Heart of a Christian Playwright. Here you will find some of the best and production tested Scripts for Christmas, Easter, Black History and End Times. We also have a few Christian Movie Scripts ready to be purchased and Produced by Independent Film-Makers, Film Students or Churches and Drama Groups that want to attempt something different and off stage. You're not here by accident, so take your time and prayerfully go through the listing and I'm sure you will find exactly what you're looking for. If not, we could always write it for you. Shalom!

Drama Kit 1.0What is Drama Kit 1.0? It’s a package of pre-written scripts that your drama ministry can perform throughout the year — at a great price.We do this because we realize the power of God’s Word and want to help you get your church’s drama ministry up and running — OR, if you already have a drama group, to help you add to your repertoire.

If your church has a drama ministry or is thinking of starting one, these quality scripts can get you started. While we have individual scripts for purchase any time, we recommend starting with our Drama Kit 1.0. It includes scripts for Easter, Christmas, Black History, and General Life Situations. This is a practical way to get your youth and adults involved in spreading the Word, as well as getting people in the community interested in your church. Reach out to your congregation and surrounding community and see what wonders God brings to your church when you give of yourself and your talents to spread the Good Word!

Drama Kit 1.0