12 Jul 2018

Dr. Strange – A Kingdom Perspective Movie Review

The world is getting far more interesting that it is has been in my lifetime, and even prior to me coming here (to earth). So much is going, and nothing is hidden anymore. Everything that once functioned in darkness is now being pulled out into the light, both good and bad. This applies to all kingdoms existing on earth.

I am fascinated by the mystical interpretation of Scripture, and finally, a lot of experiences are beginning to make sense. We all grew up hearing that astral projection was of the devil, attributing the ability of a man to step out of his body (as Paul did) to demonic powers. No one ever questioned if this ability was rooted in man’s potential. Maybe we give the Devils far more power than they have. The whole purpose of these reviews is to examine human potential. I believe for centuries God has been trying to tell us who we are, but we don’t listen very well to anything outside ourselves, with all its imposed limitations.

I never fully understood my love for comic books until now. I just thought the concepts and ideas were fictional until I learned that it is almost impossible to imagine anything that was not real. Whatever you can imagine, exist whether in the natural world or a pre-existent form as we have the ability to create whatever we can imagine. It’s just the way humanity was built.

Dr. Strange is a comic phenomenon about to make it on the big screen. In one particular scene in the trailer, we see his soul separate from his body. While we may be quick to shout ‘demonic,’ may I remind you that the counterfeit always points to the reality that there is an authentic version. If astral projection is ‘demon influenced’ then what truth does it point to? Surely we can all agree that astral projection must be the fake version of the real thing.

Today, many Christians are literally, consciously walking in the heavens. When your theology becomes your experience, the truth is established. If you have theology and not experience, what you have is a form, but not the reality of what you believe. In that state, it gets stripped of its real value and power. If you can explain who God is, and who you are, then I think it’s safe to say you know nothing. What do you think happens at the point of death? Surely you have heard all the stories. If a separation can take place at death, then surely that separation is embedded within humanity.

While some may be quick to dismiss this thought, I speak to those already having this experience. Nothing is wrong with you. You are probably more normal than the rest of us. Consider yourself a forerunner for what’s to come, so let God use you. I believe the whole world is about to learn that the reality of heaven is not as far as we imagined it to be and that all that Jesus brought to earth has been here among us, and within us all along. You do know that Jesus walked through people, and through walls, and on water, as a man; He choose to die, as a man, so you can know the truth about the man God created in the beginning.

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Cleveland McLeish

Cleveland O. McLeish is a full time son of God who writes for the kingdom of God. He makes himself available, along with his beautiful wife, to advance the kingdom of God one book, movie script, stage play and soul at a time.

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