12 Jul 2018

Brick Mansions – A Kingdom Perspective Movie Review

In honor of Paul Walker, this film was the last full film he did before his untimely death. His legend and talent will continue to live on in the movies he left behind.

The message behind this film is never to judge a book by its cover. I realize how flawed our perception of humanity is, even in my own life. There was a time I thought every Caucasian male who looked in my direction wanted to kill me until they smiled and waved in my direction. I found that I hesitated in my response, a natural reflex one would expect when faced with the unexpected. I learned that a wrong perception is a cause for much human error and chaos.

There are many communities in smaller countries that are cut off, maybe not as directly as Brick Mansions, but somewhere the normal citizen would not go. They have established a culture of their own, perhaps with the sole motivation of surviving. I know perception runs rampant among the Christian community. Questionably persons are written off as un-savable, and there are communities Christians don’t go for fear of their lives and prefer to perceive individuals from afar. We have created a culture that judges people from a distance.

What we find lacking, is that we fail to see the good in everybody, and prefer to focus on the bad. I believe that there is a part of God in every human being, no matter how bad they are. The suggestion here is there is good in everybody because God is good. I believe people get strung out on drugs, and abuse other substances to suppress this part of themselves.

People do suffer when there is a lack of knowledge. Our perception will change as new information becomes available about individuals and situations. When motive and intention is revealed, it very often touches a side of humanity that is not visible to the naked eye and may even change our course of direction. We pass judgments based on what information has been made available to us, and very often what we see is just a smoke screen.

I used to pray that God would allow me to see Him with my physical eyes, until the day He taught me a valuable lesson. I see Him every day. He is that disabled child by the side of the road; the drunkard who lies prostrate in the gutter, the drug addict and prostitute attempting to survive life by whatever means possible, those in society who are cut off, despised by the government and denied the basic needs of life.

Many may perceive, for example, Brick Mansions, as a degrading community of criminals, drug pushers, and addicts, and low-life with no regard for human life, but God sees people He gave His life for, individuals who have the potential to be greater than they presently are. There is no person in this world who cannot be better or more than they are right now. The capacity to become is already embedded in our DNA, and it begins with a choice for the individual and a proper alignment of perception from everyone else around them. We need to see this world through God’s eyes.

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Cleveland McLeish

Cleveland O. McLeish is a full time son of God who writes for the kingdom of God. He makes himself available, along with his beautiful wife, to advance the kingdom of God one book, movie script, stage play and soul at a time.


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