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The Reason for the Season


Clarabelle is a single rich mom who has a good job, an elaborate house and drives a sporty car. Her three children blame her for their father not being around and to say they are rude may not fully sum up their attitude, but Grandma Jama is there to keep the peace most of the time and unlike the others, she is a Christian.

Susan is a poor single mother, to say the least, but her children has learnt that one can be satisfied and content with what they have however little. They are grateful for what their mother does and hates the fact that Clarabelle, her sister, is always taking advantage of her and makes them feel inadequate and worthless.


It's Christmas Day. The poor family goes to church then pay a visit to the Rich Family as Susan wanted to visit with her mother, Jama, who is the only thing both these family have in common. Things are not going so well though to the point where the two sisters start to get physical, but when something happens to the younger of the family...things take an unexpected turn.


Jesus is the Reason for the Season.

Length: 90 Minutes
Cast: 3 Adult females, 3 Teenage girls, 1 Teen boy and 1 Toddler.
Audience: Children, Teens & Adults
Genre: Contemporary Drama

Sample Scenes


                LIGHTS UP

There’s a stool at SR, CS.

SL – Leroy and Sharon enters with the little decorations they have and start
To decorate their small tree.

SR – Jama is already seated in her chair knitting.

June Myers enter. She sees the stool and motions offstage if that is where she should sit. She gets the confirmation and sits looking out at the audience.

She looks intently for a beat as if listening to a question.

JUNE: Okay. The reason for the season. Hey what kinda question is that and why you asking me that. Oh, we on tv now. Sorry. Okay, the reason for the season is….(thinks)…gifts, I guess. How much you get and what you get, you know. Especially stuff you really want, which is hard for us sometimes, cause we have everything (laughs)

JAMA: Child, when you enter a room you should say good morning, good evening or goodnight.

JUNE: Sorry Grandma. I didn’t see you.

JAMA: I aint buying that child. I’m too big for you not to see me. I tell that mother of yours she growing you up without manners.

            Clarabelle and the other two kids enter.

CLAREBELLE: I try momma.

JAMA: Aint good enough. You spoil them kids I tell you.

            June jumps from the stool and goes to join them.

JUNE: Hey mom. Did you buy everything on my list?

JACK: Did you buy everything on my list?

GENE: Did you buy everything on my list?

CLARABELLE: Merry Christmas to you and you and you too.

JUNE: Mom, quit playing. Did you buy the stuff or not?
JAMA: Uhm.

CLARABELLE: The presents are over there.

JACK: Can I open mine now mom, can I?

GENE: Mom, did you get everything I had on the list mom, did you.

CLARABELLE: Before we get to opening presents, don’t you think we should have a family breakfast first.

            Pause. The kids just stare at her.

CLARABELLE: Okay, open your presents.

JAMA: Uhm.

CLARABBELLE: Will you cut that out momma.

            The kids rejoice as they head for the tree.

            One by one they start tearing the presents apart, but what they find is not what
            They were looking for and with each open present their expression got
            Grumpier and grumpier.

JUNE & GENE & JACK: Mooooom.


JUNE: This sweater is the wrong colour and you got me the wrong brand sneakers and I wanted an X-Box, not a playstation….Mom! You had a list you know.

GENE: Mom…I really wanted a Pink Razor Phone, not the motorolla.

CLARABELLE: I just didn’t have time to get around to the ‘specifics’ of that very long list you gave me.

JUNE: It weren’t all that long a list.


            Clarabelle finds the list and reels it out.

GENE: I thought you wanted us to be happy.


JUNE: And you would spoil our Christmas like this. Buying stuff we don’t want.

CLARABELLE: What’s the difference between a pink sweater and a blue sweater?

JUNE: You wouldn’t understand.

CLARABELLE: Christmas aint just about gifts.

JUNE: Just because you don’t have nobody to give you anything don’t mean you have to spoil it for us too.

JAMA: Uhm.

CLARABELLE: That’s not a very nice thing to say.

JUNE: Christmas aint the same here anymore. Ever since Daddy left you. You just keep spoiling it for us.

CLARABELLE: I’m doing my best here okay. And you shouldn’t talk to me like that in front of your little brother. And for the record your father didn’t leave me…I left him.

JUNE: Why?

JAMA: Uhm.

CLARABELLE: Its none of your business.

JUNE: Guess what mom, you just took the merry out of our Christmas.

            June throws some of the presents aside and exits.

AMAZING PLAY!!  Our kids had a blast with the play "Jesus Is The Reason For The Season" Gramma Jama ROCKED the house!!  Your play was hilarious, inspiring and it really brought the message home for our children and the congregation.  I look forward to purchasing another play soon.  Thank you !!!!!!

Dawn Flint

I have used two of your plays, "The Reason for the Season" and "This Body of Death". We also did the play, The Perfect Blood" by Stan Hood. We are a small church with a membership around 200 people. I am the program director. These plays were a success. I enjoyed story lines. The children who played the parts were very enthusiastic about the plays. I have truly enjoyed the plays. God bless and keep up the good work!

Denise L. Boyd

I want to start by saying “thank you” for allowing God to use you in the gift of play writing.  The first of the year our church decided to perform an Easter Play.  We went online and found your website and we were truly blessed by the variety of plays you offer. 

We choose “FINDING JESUS” for our Easter Play.  The reason we choose this play was because the message was relatable to any age.  The play flowed very well from scene to scene.  The audience really enjoyed it.  The play had a lot of humor, but it also had a solid foundation of the message of Christ.  The negative were that there was a lot of male characters.  We turned Maffy, the Adviser, and some of the Disciples (because they were not called by name in the play) into females.   At the end of the play we had our Dance Ministry to perform “I Belong To You” by William McDowell.  We had fun learning and performing the play.  

Lee Lynwood