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The Perfect Blood


Would You Give Your Son to Save the World?

A terrible virus is moving quickly across the United States.  By the time the US Government admits that it's something more than the common flu, thousands of people are already dead.  Scientists discover that a rare blood type in humans would create an antidote.  The only problem is that there can be no risk of contamination.  The only way that the special component of this rare blood can be extracted is that the person has to be denied oxygen and die during the process. 

After testing 80 million people, a perfect match is found in a ten year old boy in a small church in Durham, North Carolina.  Jeremy has so much faith in the fact that he will go to heaven, he's willing to lay down his life.  His parents are horrified.  Will they sacrifice their son for the world?  Get the play and find out.

The Perfect Blood was written to be performed in a church setting during the Easter season.  Jesus' sacrifice on the cross will take on a whole new personal meaning after your congregations witnesses this compelling drama.  I guarantee it.  Although it has a serious theme, it's not a dark play.  Besides making you appreciate the sacrifice of Christ, you will also laugh and cry. 

The props are simple for this performance and the cast is small enough to manage effective rehearsals.  The performance will be about 40 minutes.

Length: 40 Minutes
Cast: 5 males, 3 females.
Audience: Teens & Adults
Genre: Contemporary Drama

Sample Scenes


At the start of this scene, the Mansfield family enters from the back of the church.  Naomi Mansfield heads to the front of the church to lead a live praise service.  It is a good idea to have Jeremy and Ted sit amongst the congregation.  You could even have Ted greet and sit next to Stan.  Other characters in the play can be spread out amongst the audience as well.  If you’re not comfortable with the references to the weather, you may change it for whatever season you’re in during your performance.  My suggestion is that you draw your audience into the world that the play is set in instead of adjusting to real events.

A live musician is best in this situation.  That way Naomi can lead the church in songs that they already know. 


Good morning! (the audience responds).  We’re so glad to have you brave the weather and come out to the house of the Lord for worship.  (the pianist/organist begins the music to a praise song in the background) The good thing about praising God is that it doesn’t matter what the weather is outside.  If you lift up the name of Jesus, the Spirit of the Lord will fill the room on the inside of this place!  How many of you know that this is true?  Let’s praise the Lord together! 


Naomi leads two great worship selections that get the audience going.  I’m not naming the songs because you should pick these.  We want the audience to really be into it so that they won’t be ready for Melissa’s dramatic entrance.

At the height of the second song, Melissa enters running in from the rear of the church crying and shouting (must be convincing) that what everyone thought was the flu is a new deadly virus.  The other actors who are spread out amongst the audience react with disbelief and ask Melissa what she’s talking about as they stand and start to make their way toward her.




(turning and looking at different audience members as she makes her way down the aisle toward Naomi)  Stop the music!  Stop the music!  It’s all over the radio and the TV.  What we thought was a bad case of the flu is a deadly virus that’s killing people all over the world!




Someone coughs and quickly tries to hold it in as they look around wondering if anyone noticed




(angrily pointing and yelling at the person)  Cover your mouth and get out of here!  I’m not dying for you!




The crowd bursts into chatter about who they think may have the virus and what they ought to do about it.  Ted interrupts (or the pastor if you have enough people) and tries to calm the church down.




Calm down church!  We are a people of faith.  The worse thing that we can do is panic.  If the virus was here in Durham, we’d know it by now.



Person in the crowd

You can’t say that.  All the people who know for sure about the virus are dead!




Hold on.  Hold on.  Is there anybody here who’s really sick?




People look around but no one answers.




Good.  Good.  The man said on the TV that everybody who isn’t willing to have their blood tested ought to go home until they find an antidote.  If you’re feeling sick, you are to immediately go to the nearest clinic or hospital.




Miss Melissa?




Yes, Jeremy.




Is this a terrorist attack?




The sound effect to end the scene begins to play.  Melissa has a look of concern on her face that says she had not considered a terrorist attack.




I don’t know baby.  I just don’t know.




Okay, let’s gather our things and head home until we find some answers.




The room erupts in chatter as the actors gather their coats and bibles and exit to end scene one.

We used "The Perfect Blood" for our Easter play this year and a teenage boy came to know Christ as his Savior.  One of the best Easter plays we have put on in a long time.  Thank you for your ministry.

Bible Way Baptist Church

I have used two of your plays, "The Reason for the Season" and "This Body of Death". We also did the play, The Perfect Blood" by Stan Hood. We are a small church with a membership around 200 people. I am the program director. These plays were a success. I enjoyed story lines. The children who played the parts were very enthusiastic about the plays. I have truly enjoyed the plays. God bless and keep up the good work!

Denise L. Boyd

I ordered the play The Perfect Blood for our church and it was wonderful. It brought tears to our eyes each practice. I added a shadow of Jesus on the the cross at the time of Jeremy's death scene. Also after the funeral I added a scene where Jeremy went to Heaven and Jesus met him was great. Thank you for a wonderful play. This is the second one of your plays we have done and WE WILL be doing more. God bless you and your work.


My church performed this play and it was a hit! Our church was a in a rut and needed a fresh approach to the story of sacrifice. Everyone was very pleased and could not wait for us to do another play!


I just did your play The perfect blood  for Easter and have  received so.... many complment on how touching, moving and real life the play was - keep them coming.


I thank God for this site and the directors and writers of these productions. This is a great resource that has helped and continues to help many in the performing arts ministries. THE PERFECT BLOOD was a fantastic  read and will be produced during "Celebration of the Arts"---Gospel Performing Arts Weekend in Indy.


Hello,  I really liked the play that I purchased from your company.  "The Perfect Blood" was truly a heart felt blessing to all who saw it.  We performed the play on good friday for our ressurection performance, which was free to the public.  What made the play really good was that a woman who came off the street to watch it was drawn to the altar and received salvation.  It was worth every penny that I spent and more because the value of one soul recieving salvation is priceless.  Keep up the good work your gift is much needed in the kingdom of God. 

Minister Elvia C. Deering