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The Dreamer - Story of Joseph


Joseph had many dreams, and each time he would share his dreams with his father and brothers. Jacob thought about Joseph's dreams...but his brothers envied and hated him for getting so much of their fathers they devised a plan to destroy Joseph.

What should have been a fool-proof plan to destroy Joseph was Gods plan to send Joseph ahead to save those who wanted to destroy save a nation.

The story of Joseph - the Dreamer teaches us that in the midst of our trials lie Gods ultimate victory.

Length: 30 Minutes
Cast: 8 Male Characters. Plus extras.
Audience: Teens & Adults
Genre: Biblical Drama

Sample Scenes


            LIGHTS UP

            Jacob and some of his sons are onstage working (i.e. planting, plowing,
            Anything that can be demonstrated on the stage)

            Joseph enters.

JOSEPH: Good morning father,

            It is obvious that some of the brothers are annoyed at Joseph.

JACOB: Good morning son. You sleep well?

JOSEPH: Yeah, I did…but I had some really weird dreams last night.

BROTHER: Yeah wow great, we are all so happy to here that… anyway…some of us aren’t so lucky to sleep half way through the day. It would be good if you could help around here from time to time, little brother.

JACOB: Leave him alone. He’s young. His time will come.

ANOTHER BROTHER: So you say, we’ve been working this ground since daybreak. Why does he only get to work for only a few hours and then gets to relax for the rest of the day? It’s just not right.

JACOB: Joseph my son, don’t pay these brothers of yours any mind. Look here …I have something for you.

BROTHER: Father…you spoiling that boy.

JACOB: I spoilt all of you.

            Jacob retrieves a very colourful coat and puts it around Joseph.

JOSEPH: Wow…father…thank you…it’s very, colourful.

JACOB: I knew you would like it…anyway, Joseph walk with me. Have a few things to discuss with you.

JOSEPH: Alright.

            Jacob puts his hand around his son and they exit.

            The brothers stop their work and gather at CS.

BROTHER: Why that little brat. Why does he get all fathers attention?

RUEBEN: Remember, he was born when father was already an old man.

BROTHER: What? So does that mean he can’t do anything wrong.

RUEBEN: I didn’t say that.

ANOTHER BROTHER: He’s always running to father telling him what we are doing. He’s nothing but an informer.

RUEBEN: Why you all hate him so much.

BROTHER: Why you always taking up for him?


RUEBEN: I aint taking up for nobody.

BROTHER: Be sure about that brother… you better be sure.

            The brothers instantly go back to work as Jacob and Joseph re-enters.

            Jacob looks troubled.

RUEBEN: Father…why the troubled face?

JACOB: Joseph’s been trying to tell me about some weird dreams that he’s been having.

            Some of the brothers roll their eyes.

RUEBEN: About what?

JACOB: Best you hear it from him.

SIMEON: This better be good.

JOSEPH: Well, we were all in the fields tying up bundles of wheat when my bundle stood up and yours formed a circle around it and bowed down.

RUEBEN: SO what…you think we’re gonna bow down to you… ha, ha. You think you’re gonna be our king?

BROTHER: Ya think you’re gonna rule over us?

JOSEPH: I don’t know…

BROTHER: You sleep too much…that’s what. You should be out here doing your share of work.

JACOB: Joseph…go fetch some water at the well.

JOSEPH: Yes father.

            Joseph exits.

BROTHER: Why you always entertaining him and his so-called dreams.

JACOB: What do you expect me to do?


BROTHER: The same thing you do for us. Nothing.

            The brothers get back to work as Jacob hangs his head and sighs.

            LIGHTS OUT.