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The concept behind this skit is fairly simple. Everyone knows about the Sins of Commission (Lying, Stealing, Cheating, etc). But we sometimes aren’t aware of the Sins of Omission. After this skit, I’m sure your audience will be fully educated.

Length: 10 Minutes
Cast: 2 males or females.
Audience: Teens & Adults
Genre: Comedy

Sample Scene


            Jack and John enter with lunch boxes in their hands. They take a seat at CS.

            As soon as they are seated Jack opens his box, takes a sandwich out and aims
            For his mouth.

JOHN:  Don’t you think you should thank God for His provisions before you eat?

JACK:  You thank Him…I’m hungry. (He aims for his mouth again)

JOHN: If you bite that before you pray a prayer of thanksgiving…you will have to ask
For forgiveness.

JACK: (puts sandwich back in the box) WHAT? Forgiveness? Forgiveness for what? I
Haven’t sinned.

JOHN:  The bible says, ‘He who knoweth to do good and doeth it not, to him it is a


JACK:  Are you telling me that if I eat a hundred times for the day, without praying, I
Would have committed a hundred sins.

JOHN:  Yep!

JACK:  That’s rubbish!

JOHN:  Do you think you only sin when you DO something?

JACK: Naturally, yes. You sin when you lie, steal, fornicate, covet negatively, hate,
Murder…these are all doing words.

JOHN: So…if you forget to grace your food, read your bible, pray, you haven’t
Committed a sin?

JACK: NO! Well, I don’t know.

JOHN:  If you walk pass an elderly lady and choose not to help her cross the street or
Insult a homeless kid on the streets who beg you money for food, or do nothing
At work but demand your wages at the end of the week…you have sinned. It’s

JACK:  Oh man! Why are you doing this to me…?

JOHN:  Doing what?

JACK: This!

JOHN: What?

JACK:  You’re telling me that every time I ignore someone who needs help I sin?

JOHN:  I’m telling you that if you watch the television more than you pray, you sin; If
You leave a dirty dish in the kitchen sink without washing it, you’re probably
Sinning; if you don’t dust your furniture and sweep out your house, you’re
Probably sinning; if you love anything or anyone more than you love God,

JACK:  I’m sinning..!

JOHN:  The dishes and furniture part may be a little extreme.

JACK:  I get your point. No wonder I feel far from God. I am unworthy.

JOHN:  Be encouraged Jack. We all want to be like Christ, but it’s a life-long process and
Only Jesus himself can show us the way. If we follow anything else, be it feelings
Imaginations or anyone else, we’re sure to be lost.

JACK:  What do I do?