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Christmas Family Reunion I


"With God at the Centre, We Can Smile at the Storm."

This is a wonderful play for the African American Church as real issues we face are dealt with on a personal and spiritual level offering a magnificent combination of comedy mixed with a serious undertone to prevent anyone from missing the messages contained within this play.

Various issues are dealt with such as, a troubled marriage due to one partners' unfaithfulness; a troubled child who thinks her overly self righteous parents don't love her and turns to drugs; a troubled young boy who has been led to believe that a life of crime is the only way of survival. Add a feisty old man and a young man who eats around the clock and you have a genuine mix of comedy and drama that the whole family can enjoy and be blessed.

"It is said that, 'A Family that Prays together Stays Together." Lila Mae Mullington believes and lives this as she declares, "The devil trying hard, but he aint gonna get this family. Not as long as them old knees a mine still work."  She is the glue that has held this family together. She is the constant reminder that 'With God at the Centre; We' all can Smile at the Storm."

I highly recommend this play for churches who emphasizes the importance of family. Though this play was written for Christmas, it can be produced anytime with just a few minor changes to the script.

So now, go right ahead and download the excerpt provided for you by clicking the 'Read a Complete Scene' button below. I will be including, not one but, two whole scenes for you to read first, before deciding to buy. I have that much confidence in the quality and potential of this remarkable play.

Length: 90 Minutes
Cast: 7 males, 8 females. Plus extras.
Audience: Teens & Adults
Genre: Contemporary Comedy Drama

Sample Scenes


            Lila and Henry are already onstage.

            There’s a Christmas tree somewhere SL, but it hasn’t been decorated yet.

            Henry is watching television…though his mischievous eyes are mostly on Lila
            working on a new quilt.

            Henry looks from Lila to the television and back to Lila again and again. Lila
            notices him staring at her.

LILA: What you need, Henry? Why you looking at me like that?

HENRY: Lila Mae, when you gonna put that quilt down and come give me some attention.

LILA: Hush your mouth old man. You know you do nothing but talk.

HENRY: You coming over here or not?

LILA: What for?

HENRY: It’s pretty lonely over here. I need somebody to come old my hand.

LILA: Henry, you know I’m trying to finish this quilt for our newest grandbaby.

HENRY: Your newest grandbaby ain’t here yet. But your husband is here. You need to get over here and submit. You coming over or not.

LILA: Will you stop that. Besides, you shouldn’t be talking like that in front of the kids.

HENRY: What kids? There ain’t no kids around. I made sure a that.

            Lila points to the audience.

            Henry looks out wide-eyed.

HENRY: Where’d them kids come from?

LILA: They came to watch you done make a fool of yourself.

HENRY: Them kids know more than you and me put together. They see things we’all never see in our lifetime…especially on that introspect.

LILA: You mean Internet.

HENRY: Whatever. I’m a lonely man….I need some love up in here.

LILA: You’ve had four children, twelve grand children and nine great grand children out of attention. I’m taking a vacation.

HENRY: Sarah was 96 when she had a kid….You know what that means? Means they were holding hands a lot.

LILA: Henry stop it.

HENRY: Fine. I ain’t gonna talk to you for the rest a the day.

LILA: Henry!!!!

HENRY: Lila Mae….you just sit there quilting. Some lady is gonna walk in here one day and take me to see the world.


HENRY: Ain’t you gonna respond?

LILA: I ain’t coming over there…you’d be fast asleep before I got there anywayz.

HENRY: You aint funny Lila Mae…look out there (points at audience) there aint nobody laughing at your stupid jokes.

LILA: Don’t matter. I weren’t trying to be funny.

HENRY: Can we talk bout somep’n else please.


LILA: (chuckles a bit, then gets serious again) Whatcha wanna talk about Henry?

HENRY: Uhm, let’s talk about our Family.

LILA: My my. Can you believe it’s already a year? In just a few days we’ll be having our Annual Christmas Family Dinner.

HENRY: Hope that no good son of yours can catch the turkey this time.

            Lila laughs….Henry too.

LILA: Almost ended up in a hospital over that bird.

HENRY: We usually get some real good memories to carry through the year after Christmas.

LILA: Wonder what mischief will befall us this time around.

HENRY: Having a family this big…You can expect just about anything.

LILA: You can say that again.

HENRY: Having a family this big….You can expect just about anything.

LILA: Will you stop clowning around.


HENRY: So…is everyone coming?

LILA: I’m not sure. Sam and Paula should be flying in tomorrow with Leslie.

HENRY: Is that Grand-daughter of mine still singing for the Lord.

LILA: Oh yes. Choir practice every week. She loves to sing God’s glory.

HENRY: What about Angella….or should I say Doctor Angella.

LILA (laughs a little): She’ll be along in a few days. Selena and Richard should be flying in next week from Georgia also.

HENRY: Oh…those two were all over each other last Christmas. They sure reminded me of how it was back in the days.

LILA: I must admit I was a bit jealous.

HENRY: Yeep….I remember you coming over and holding my hand.

LILA: Honey….that’s about all we do anymore.

HENRY: Oh…don’t get me started there Lila Mae.

            There’s a knock at the door.

HENRY: Now who could that be at this hour of the day?

LILA: Well don’t just sit there….go find out.

HENRY (speaks loudly without getting up): Who is it?

LILA: You’re a lazy old goat.

HENRY: I ain’t getting up and walking all the way over there unless I know who it is. If I did and it turns out to be a salesman I would hurt him.


LILA: Aren’t you gonna find out who’s at the door?

HENRY: There’s no one at the door.

LILA: But we heard a knock.

HENRY: I asked who it was and no one answered. What does that tell you?

            Lila sighs and gets up and goes to the door.

            She glances over at Henry one more time, then opens the door. Standing on the
            Other side is there daughter Selena with luggage and a seven-month old stomach.

LILA: Baby girl…whatcha doing here?

            Selena pecks her mother on the cheek and struggles to pull her bags inside.

            Lila closes the door once Selena is inside.

SELENA: Hey Momma…hey Daddy.

HENRY: Hey baby. Weren’t expecting you for another few days.

SELENA: I know.

            Lila notices how sad her daughter looks…but she also notices something else.

LILA: Honey…what happened to your eye?

SELENA: Oh Momma…it’s nothing. I’m just glad to be home. God has been good.

            Selena attempts to look cheerful, but her mother sees right through her act.

            Henry is on his feet moving towards Selena. He inspects her eye.

HENRY: I ain’t no gynecologists…but this here is a classical black and blue eye.

            Selena pulls away and tries to hide that side of her face.

SELENA: Please Daddy. It’s fine. Really.

HENRY: You better tell me who gone and done this to you…I swear you’all be bailing me out of jail tomorrow. Who done this to you?

LILA: Henry, try to stay calm. You know all this excitement ain’t good for your heart.

HENRY: Why aren’t you talking to me baby girl? Who done this? Who hit you in your eye, baby girl and where’s that man I gave you away to at the altar? Why didn’t he protect you? You need to be talking to me right now, child.

LILA: Henry….you’re gonna blow a fuse.

HENRY: I’m gonna blow somebody’s hand off.

LILA: Henry, there are kids in the church.

HENRY: They better cover their ears.

            Lila takes Henry by his arm and sits him in the chair facing the television.

LILA: You calm yourself down before you get a heart attack.

            Henry breathes to calm himself.

            Lila takes Selena to one-side.

SELENA: Momma…this aint somep’n I want to talk about.

LILA: You don’t keep things like this inside, baby. It will make you bitter.

SELENA: Momma please…I’m tired and I just want to get some rest.

LILA: Where’s Richard?

SELENA: I don’t know and I don’t care.

LILA: Richard did this to you?

            Selena shakes her head more out of frustration that answering her mother’s

SELENA: Richard’s changed Momma. We can’t even have a decent conversation without arguing. He hates the church and he hates me.

LILA: Oh baby, did he say that.

SELENA: He didn’t have to.

LILA: Oh now honey. Every marriage has trouble at one time or the other. Me and yo’ daddy done had plenty of problems…but look at us. We’re still here. Have you prayed about it?

HENRY: Faith without works is dead you hear me.

LILA: Don’t pay your Daddy no mind. Just believe the Lord will work it out.

SELENA: I’m not sure I want Him to Momma.

LILA: Baby, here me out.

            Lila and Henry sings Yolanda Adams Song entitled ‘Be Blessed’

            After the song.

SELENA: Momma, you and Daddy have always been a rock for me…but this time, I gotta sort this out on my own. Please don’t say nothing to nobody about this.

LILA: Alright baby. You can stay in your old room. Me and your daddy will be praying for you night and day.

SELENA: That’s fine Momma.

            Selena grabs her luggage and struggles with them offstage.

LILA: Leave your luggage till a real strong man gets here, honey.

HENRY: I heard that.

            Selena hugs her mother again; kisses her father on his cheek.

HENRY: Good thing you didn’t stick to all them bible lessons and turned the other cheek.

            Selena gives him a fake smile and exits.

LILA: Why you always go and have all those violent thoughts?

HENRY: You spare the rod you spoil the child. Wait till I get my hands on that boy.

LILA: You know we don’t wrestle against flesh and blood…but against principalities and powers…

HENRY: I know that. But I can’t see the devil to spank him…so I have to spank who I can see.

LILA: You ain’t never gonna change Henry.

HENRY: I’ll pray Lila Mae…and I’ll pray hard. But faith without works is dead. I ain’t lying.

            Lila exits and Henry continues to grumble to himself as…




            Sam and Paula are already onstage laughing at a joke they just shared.

SAM: Baby, I’m just glad to be home.

PAULA: That Father of yours is somep’n else.

SAM: He sure is. It sure is hard to spend time where he is and not be amused. He makes the hard things in life seem so simple.

PAULA: That he does.

            They remain in thought for a while.

PAULA: So, what were yo’ saying about Sara Peterson.

SAM: My my. That story is somep’n else. She done came to the school the other day and acted a fool over that bad son of hers. I ain’t see how she can be so blind to his antics. She knows the boy is as bad as bad gets, but she takes up for him just the same. He’s in my office three times a week at least and every time I call her to come pick him up she creates a scene in his defense.

PAULA: What that boy gone and done this time?

SAM: He brought a gun to school.

PAULA: Oh good Lord.

SAM: Baby, you have no idea. I been looking forward to this Christmas break…to get away from all that stuff…but I think I may have gone and done a bad thing.

PAULA: Whatcha talking about.

SAM: Well, I done see that the devil’s working on that boy and I thought maybe, you know….

PAULA: No, I don’t know.

SAM: Well…at the time it seems a good idea.

PAULA: You didn’t invite that boy to our Family reunion did ya?

SAM: Maybe.

            Paula jumps to her feet.

PAULA: What? You out of your mind?

SAM: He does need help.

PAULA: And why do yo’ think we’re the ones who can help?

SAM: Listen, I can’t call him and tell him not to come at this point. Let’s just try and make good of this. I think he’s even looking forward to it. Besides, you know the kinda effect our family have on those that aint saved.

            Sam has a point.

PAULA: You better hope he don’t take no gun up in here. Your Momma would rebuke him from here to timbuktwo.

SAM: Don’t I know it.

PAULA: God, I can’t believe you’d do somep’n like that without saying somep’n to me first.

SAM: Sorry baby, it just seemed like the ‘right’ thing to do….at the time.

PAULA: Right.

            They sit in silence for a while… Paula is visibly upset with Sam’s decision, but
            neither of them wants to remain in a sulky mood.

PAULA: Can you believe…in just a few short weeks our daughter will graduate medical school.

SAM: That’s my girl. You know she done got her initiative from her Daddy.

PAULA: Whatever.

SAM: She’s made us proud though. Hardly ever been disappointed by that girl.

            Leslie enters with two skirts in her hand.

PAULA: (sees Leslie, whispers to Paula) Wish I could say the same for everybody.

I directed "Christmas Family Reunion" at my church about 2 weeks ago. It was a great success! I have been writing, directing, and acting in Christian plays for the past 7 years. I am also the director for the drama ministry at my church. I usually write the plays for Christmas, however this time I directed your play.

     The theme for my church for the year was "Fight for the Family"! As the fall approached I was trying to decide what to do about the annual Christmas production. I wanted something that followed the theme. Well after thinking, praying, and searching I found!! Your play was the answer!!

     It was such an awesome experience. We rehearsed for 2 1/2 months and the cast became family. We had several cast members who were new to our church. It was great. About 800 people came out that night. We had an altar call at the end of the production. 2 people came to Christ and 2 rededicated their lives to Christ. Thank you Jesus!!!!

     I really pray that you will continue to use your gift to bring God glory. It is an awesome ministry. Thank you thank you thank you.

Shawn Flowers

     Our drama club, performed the play Family Christmas Reunion, it was a blast, the cast had fun portraying the characters, the audience loved it, most of all we loved the message, "Family, love, mercy, forgiveness and togetherness".  There is already request for us to do it again and enhance it a bit.

     Thank you so much for this ministry and I pray God will continue to grant you the knowledge and to let His will be done it your lives.

Ann Shaw

I am the youth and young adult director at my church. This year alone we have produces "Family Reunion" as a stage play and is in the process of shooting "The Waiting Room" which we will play during our end of the year meeting. These productions have been a blessing to our ministry. It has made our ministry grow further.We did 'Family Reunion' in January and people are still talking about it. Thank you so much Cleveland for your hard work and letting God use you.