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Christmas Light

Christmas Light is a theological journey that will speak to this generation, with emphasis on one of the greatest miracles of all time: the virgin birth of a male child into this world. Who is this child and why has he been born under such unusual circumstances?

Sarah believes in God; Cheryl has lost faith; Two teenagers are caught between the opposing beliefs. The authenticity of the Bible is questioned, but in the midst of utter darkness, God will make Himself known.

Length: 60-90 Minutes
Cast:6 males, 6 females, Plus extras (non speaking roles)
Audience: Teens & Adults
Genre: Contemporary/Biblical Drama

Sample Scenes



SETTING: Living Room.

Sarah sits preparing decorations for the Christmas tree. She is entangling some Christmas lights.

Enter Dre and Abbey. They have some catalogs in their hands and they jump on the couch and begin going through them.

SARAH: You kids gonna help me with this Christmas tree?

DRE: No time for that Grandma. We got to choose our gifts for Christmas.

ABBEY:  Its two days away, and we still can’t decide what we want for Christmas this year.

SARAH: So I guess Christmas is just about gifts for you guys.

DRE: Of course not Grandma. The food too.

ABBEY:  Holidays from school.

DRE: And the snow. It’s a nice package and we love it.

SARAH: There is more to Christmas than that.

DRE: Grandma no preaching okay. We get enough of that when we go to church.

SARAH: Which is not very often.

ABBEY: You don’t really believe the Son of God came to earth do you?

SARAH: When did you two stop believing in Jesus?

ABBEY: Mom says it’s just stories.


SARAH: (calling offstage) Cheryl!!!

Cheryl comes out quickly.

CHERYL: What is it?

SARAH: Have you been telling these kids that the Christmas story is just a story.

CHERYL: (relaxes) I thought you were calling me for something important.

SARAH: This is important.

CHERYL: Mom, I just don’t think we need to hang on to some of the old traditions. How is it helping anyone?
Why put my kids through the same punishment that I had to endure from my parents.

SARAH: Your father and I taught you the truth of God’s word.

CHERYL: I don’t see how the word is relevant anymore. Where are the miracles? My husband died at 36 from
lung cancer. You prayed for him and nothing happened. These kids ask me about that, and I couldn’t give them
an answer. So on what do we base our faith?

SARAH: Is that why you stopped coming to church?

CHERYL: Can we talk about this some other time?

SARAH: So work was just an excuse?

CHERYL: Mom, we get to spend two weeks out of the entire year together. You’re not really going to spend it
talking to us about church, right?

SARAH: So much of our conversation over the past year has suddenly started to make sense.

CHERYL: The bible is just another book, and Christmas just another commercial holiday that I intend to enjoy
with my kids. If possible, I would appreciate it if you could suppress your unsupported faith and keep it with
you in the closet.


CHERYL: You kids ok?

DRE: Our list is almost complete mom.

ABBEY: How many gifts did you say we can get?

CHERYL: We’ll see. Just make your list. We will go shopping early in the morning.


DRE: You’re the greatest mom in the whole wide world.

CHERYL: Dinner is almost ready so go wash your hands.

Dre and Abbey leaves.

CHERYL: I wasn’t trying to offend you mom.

SARAH: I’m fine. Just wish you hadn’t done that in front of my grand children. How do you expect them to
ever listen to what I have to say, or was that your goal?

CHERYL: I miss my husband okay.

SARAH: And I miss mine, but dying is a part of living.

CHERYL: Jesus once raised a man from the dead after four days. He said greater things we would do. I’m not
seeing that mom, so how do we continue believing? He took my first child, then my husband. How do I accept
that as God’s will?

SARAH: I wish I had all the answers, and I’m sure there is a reason we’re not seeing these greater works…but
God is real. We should never lose faith in that.

CHERYL: And I will believe again when reality is once again aligned with the bible. You always say that God is a
practical God. I’m sure he loves us enough to make Himself known.

Cheryl exits.

SARAH: Father, people are talking. They say you have changed. They question your authenticity. I know you
are real, though I have little evidence to go on. Father, increase the evidence. You said we should ask, believe
and it will be done. Thank you for doing it, in Jesus name.




SETTING: Living Room.

                Sarah puts the finishing touches on the tree.

                Cheryl comes on with Abbey and Dre carrying some large boxes and bags. They are very excited.

                They put some presents under the tree, and begin opening their shopping bags and boxes.

ABBEY: Gramma, we got a new television and play station.

SARAH: What’s a play station?

DRE: You are so old school. It’s like the best thing since video games.

ABBEY: It is a video game.

DRE: Exactly.

ABBEY: Well, I hope you got some girl games cuz mommy says this is for the both of us.

DRE: You got an Ipad, so you don’t need to get in on this.

ABBEY: Mom says it’s for the both of us. That’s why there are two remotes.

CHERYL: No arguments please. I am sure I got what each of you had on your list, so be considerate and share.

They set up the television and the play station.

Abbey gets on her Ipad and plugs in her ear phones.

DRE: This is the best Christmas ever. With this new cable package, we have over 250 new channels to choose
from. I love you mom.

CHERYL: You better!

Cheryl gives Sarah a box.

SARAH: What is this?

CHERYL: It’s a cell phone.

SARAH: I already have a cell phone.

DRE: This one is a Samsung galaxy. It can access the internet, skype and even has GPS tracking.

SARAH: I don’t need any of that.

CHERYL: Maybe if you learnt to use the internet, we wouldn’t always have to pay so much just to talk. Skype calls
are free and we could see each other.

SARAH: I’m too old for technology. You could have bought me another simple phone to make and receive calls.

DRE: You could even install a bible app.

Sarah picks up her physical bible.

SARAH: Already downloaded my bible app right here.

DRE: Mom, I told you.

CHERYL: Well, had to give it a try.

DRE: So can I have the phone?

CHERYL: You already have one.

DRE: I could alternate.


SARAH: I guess all this stuff makes you very happy.

DRE: I have waited all year for this.

SARAH: I’m just saying there is more to life than just getting stuff. Christmas is not about these gifts and presents and
getting new stuff. Christmas is nothing without Christ.

CHERYL: Mom, you’re doing it again.

SARAH: I guess it’s who I am. All things were created by God. How can you find fulfilment in the gifts and not the Giver?

CHERYL: Everything my kids need, I provide. I work hard and I make my own money. I did all that without God. I would
think that whatever little He does, I have done better.

SARAH: There are things even you can’t do.

CHERYL: Really! Name one.

The lights go out. The stage is plunged into utter darkness.


SARAH’S VOICE: Well, you can’t turn the electricity back on.

ABBEY’S VOICE: I didn’t charge my new Ipad.

DRE’S VOICE: This is not good.

CHERYL’S VOICE: It’s probably just a cliché in the system. I’m sure the lights will come back up any minute now.


Longer pause.

ABBEY’S VOICE: I think a minute has passed.

CHERYL’S VOICE: I will call the light company.

Cheryl takes out her phone. The screen lights up revealing her face. She begins punching numbers. The phone
goes dead.

CHERYL’S VOICE: I think my battery just died. Anybody’s phone working?

DRE’S VOICE: We were out all day.

SARAH’S VOICE: So, my daughter. You were saying?

CHERYL’S VOICE: Not now mom. I need to find some candles.



SETTING: Living Room.

                Candles are lit all over the stage; enough to illuminate the area the small family are gathered.

                Sarah is smiling, holding a Bible in her lap. Cheryl and the kids are utterly annoyed.

                They are all fanning like crazy as sweet runs down their faces.

CHERYL: Mom, why are you smiling?

SARAH: It’s funny how this day turned out.

CHERYL: I’m glad somebody is enjoying this discomfort.

SARAH: You said anything your kids need, you can provide right. They need light.

CHERYL: This is not funny.

DRE: No television.

ABBEY: No internet.

DRE: No phone.

ABBEY: No tablet, radio, no air conditioning. This is a disaster. What are we supposed to do now?

DRE: Die.

SARAH: My Bible still works.

CHERYL: Mom Please.

DRE: We hate to read.

SARAH: Just reading the Bible will not profit you anything. It has to be believed and practice. That is when it
comes to life. You have to engage your imagination.

DRE: What are you talking about?

SARAH: You young people are so caught up with these new gadgets and technology that you no longer use your
natural ability to create anything. God gave us what is called an imagination. Yours lie dormant with all
the distractions you surround yourself with…but here we have an opportunity to engage that gift.

ABBEY: With the Bible?

SARAH: We could always just sit here and watch the candle burn out.

DRE: Mom, when are we getting the electricity back?

CHERYL: The guy I spoke to said maybe not for three days.

DRE & ABBEY: Three days!

CHERYL: That’s what he says.

DRE: We’re not going to make it.

ABBEY: My chance of survival just flat lined.

DRE: We should probably go spend Christmas with Aunt May.

CHERYL: Her light is out too.

DRE: This is the worse Christmas ever.

SARAH: Funny you should say that.

CHERYL: Mom, please!


Longer pause.

SARAH: (Reads) The moon will become red, and the sun will not give its light???

DRE: What is that?

SARAH: Jesus described what it would be just before He returned to earth.

ABBEY: You really believe that Jesus is real, Grandma?

SARAH: Yes. And He’s coming back soon, but just before He does, the entire earth will be plunged into complete darkness, probably in the middle of the day.

DRE: But why?

SARAH: So the world will see the Light.


SARAH: The same Light that came into this world over two thousand years ago, tomorrow. It’s the reason we
celebrate Christmas. Light has come into this world.

A wind blows and the candles go out.

DRE’S VOICE: Moooom!!!

SARAH’S VOICE: Let’s take a little journey. Escape the darkness for just a little bit.

ABBEY’S VOICE: How do we do that?

SARAH’S VOICE: Close your eyes…engage your imagination…


SETTING: Outdoor setting.

                A young woman named Mary kneels at centre stage over a pot that she is mixing in with a large wooden spoon.

                Sarah and the family are standing behind her dressed in biblical clothing.

CHERYL: What on earth am I wearing, and where are we?

SARAH: This is our imagination?

CHERYL: I don’t want to be here, so leave me out of this.

SARAH: Feel free to return to the darkness.

Abbey walks over to where Mary is.

ABBEY: Who is this?

SARAH: Her name is Mary. She can’t see or hear us.

ABBEY: She looks so young.

DRE: Is she the mother of Jesus?


DRE: I think I like this imagination thing.

ABBEY: Mary looks so sad.

SARAH: It’s been 400 years since the people have heard from God. Apparently, He went silent after Malachi or no one was listening anymore. Still the sacrifices were still being made, and all the traditions up held but by this time the church was under the leadership and control of those we call the Scribes and Pharisees. They were the authority on church and religion, but no one was prepared for what God was about to do.

An Angel appears and walks over to Mary. Dre steps back.

DRE: I don’t think this dude is from earth. Mary is in danger. We should warn her.

Sarah holds him back.

SARAH: Mary’s whole life is about to change.