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Christian Movie Scripts


In 2002, the Heart of a Christian Playwright Ministries was launched. In Ten (10) years, we have established ourself as one of the leading providers of Christian Playscripts for Christmas and Easter. I sat in Church one Sunday reflecting on this great achievement and listened to a message based on Isaiah 54:2, "Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide, do not hold back; lengthen your cords, strengthen your stakes." In other words, do not put any limits on what you can do for God.

As of this moment, we have removed the limits. Over the years I have realized that there is an increase in the Production of Christian Movies, which means there must be an increase in the need for Christian Movie Scripts. I am thinking, instead of trying to make my way into the secular Movie writing industry, why not create something new. If there is a demand for Christian Movie Script, there is now a supplier of those Scripts.

Welcome to the Heart of a Christian Movie Script Page. I call on all independent Christian Movie Makers. I call on all film-making students who are considering their final year project. I call on Churches who are bold enough to assemble a team and produce a story off-stage. I call on Christian Video-graphers who want to be a part of a meaningful project. Consider us, for here you will find good quality, production ready movie scripts that are available for instant purchase and download.

I am a Professional Christian Playwright, who is also a certified, trained and award winning Screenwriter. It is time for me to stir up my God given gift for His glory. Already I have seen Three (3) successful productions of two of my movie scripts. People are always on the lookout for good Christian Movies to watch amidst all the mess that people are making these days. Together, I believe we can offer a viable alternative to movie fans, children, families and Churches. This page will constantly be updated with Movie Script adaption of my plays, and I have over 100 plays and ideas that are yet to be explored, so I will be writing Movies for a long time, and hopefully you will be producing quality movies for a long time.

Browse our website. If you see a play I haven’t yet done a Movie Script for and you are interested in producing it, Contact Me immediately and I will get to work on it for you.May God bless you as we seek to fulfill the mandate we have in taking the gospel to every nation through Movies.


Chloe Cleopatra Taylor
The Mark
The Waiting Room
The Potters House

  • This script is no longer available as its being marketed to Producers for Option or Sale but you can go ahead and purchase a copy of the novel here in anticipation of the release of this movie.

Cleopatra was only eighteen when she became pregnant. She was raped on her way from school one night but she was also sexually active with her boyfriend Patrick. No way to know who the father is. 

She comes from a poor background. Her mother is a housewife who endures years of physical abuse from her spouse. Cleopatra is in her first year at college, and shows great promise for the future. A baby would only ruin everything. She knows her mother will be infuriated and her father just can’t know. 

Abortion is cheaper than a DNA test and very convenient. Patrick disagrees. On his way to becoming a lawyer, he is confident they can work this out.

Chloe Cleopatra Taylor is born, November 10, 1990.

Twenty Four years later, Chloe Cleopatra Taylor is working at a local supermarket. Long hours and a malignant supervisor make it hard for Chloe to have a social life. James makes sure she does. He has been her friend from childhood and he is deeply in love with her, though he is afraid to tell her, not that it isn’t obvious. He is a striving Environmental Artist who is very patient and helps to create a balance in her life. His mother Kathleen is a Pastor and loves to cook.

Chloe is different. Next to the fact that she is a Goth struggling with her own identity, her life has always felt like a dream. Her mother is a fraught alcoholic with a very strange taste in men. She endures abuse so her bills can be paid and to avoid being lonely. Her only identity is with the man she is with. Chloe despises her and gives her a hard time about it.

Chloe finds escape in her gift as a writer. At nights, she writes. Poetry, short stories, eventually a Screenplay that will change the world. James is her biggest supporter…maybe her only supporter. He coerces her to go to church with him one Sunday. There she finds peace and surprisingly gives her life to God. That is when strange things begin to happen.

Her dead father shows up. He died in a car accident on the day Chloe was born. Amidst the disbelief and confusion, she talks to him. This propels Chloe on a journey to find out the truth. Is something wrong with the world or with her? Why is she seeing strange things? Why can’t she remember ever going to sleep? Why is she unable to die? Why is a dead man the only one seemingly making sense of her life?

Eventually Chloe finds love, peace and immeasurable success as a Screenwriter. Her writing changes the world. Millions of people worldwide are touched by her gift. She also discovers a terrible truth that will take it all away.