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The Cost of freedom


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Richard Allen, the founder and first Bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, was born a slave on February 14, 1760 on the estate of Benjamin Chew, Chief Justice of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania from 1774-1777.

Richard Allen, his parents and three other children were sold to a Mr. Stokeley in Delaware, near Dover. Allen recorded that Stokeley was a very tender and humane man who was more like a father to his slaves than a master.

As Richard and his brother grew older, they were permitted to attend meetings of the Methodist Society. Allen was converted at the age of 17. He began preaching in 1780. Through thrift and industry, he and his brother worked at night to pay for their freedom.

This is his story....

Length: 45 Minutes
Cast: 10 Male Characters. Plus extras.
Audience: Teens & Adults
Genre: Historical Drama

Sample Scenes


            LIGHTS UP

            Francis Asbury is standing CS.

            He holds his head up to address the audience.

FRANCIS: They say heroes are not born…they are made. That may be true. I want to tell you story about a great man we seldom hear about in black history. His name is Richard Allen (pause) I see all those eyebrows raising. Some of you are hearing that name for the first time. Richard Allen was the founder of the AME church. This is his story.

            LIGHTS OUT


            LIGHTS UP

            A young Richard Allen is standing CS with his three brothers…their heads are
Bowed as they await inspection.

Stokeley Sturgis enters.

He carefully looks at the boys one at a time. Satisfied he shakes his head
Affirmatively and exits.



            LIGHTS UP

Richard serves tea to Stokely who is going through some paperwork.

STOKELY: Thank you Richard.

RICHARD: Will that be all sir?

STOKELY: No. Have a seat. I’ve been meaning to talk to you.

RICHARD: If it pleases you I prefer to stand sir.

STOKELY: Suit yourself. (sips tea) People are complaining that you are bothering them down by the church.

RICHARD: me Sir, I don’t bother nobody. I sit quietly at the back and just listen to Gods word.

STOKELY: That’s not what I hear.

RICHARD: Sir, people will say anything.

STOKELY: Yes they will….but that don’t mean we gonna give them something to say. That’s a white mans church you are visiting and to say it simple Richard, they don’t like you.

RICHARD: Jesus didn’t come for the white men only. He came for everybody. That’s what it says in the book.

STOKELY: I will not dispute what you believe and if it was up to me…I couldn’t care less if you wanted to go to church or not….but unfortunately it is not up to me. Do you understand?

RICHARD: What will you have me do sir?

STOKELY: Stay away from that church.

RICHARD: But the book says that we should not forsake the assembly of ourselves together.

STOKELY: Well you hear what I say….do not go back to that church. Go find another church somewhere or form one even but do not go back to that church… hear me.


I have done three (3) of your plays: The Colour of Perseverence, The Cost of Freedom & Chains. They were all very, very, well received in my church. I really like your work and will be doing more of them in the very near future. I live in Dallas Texas.
Thanks for all that you are doing for Kingdom Building